Have you ever been mentally or emotionally consumed by pain from a past hurt? If so did you notice that at the time you could not function properly on your work because over 90 % of your awareness was distracted as you were so preoccupied with nursing your wounds?

Carrying resentments from the past not only robs you of the ability to be fully present in all you do, it also causes you to protect yourself from further abuses by building imaginary defensive walls around you that keep others at a distance. This in turn hinders you from having the close relationships that you may yearn for.

We tend to create a wall that separates us from the ones that have hurt us. It is intended to be a form of protection but sadly this wall can lead to a breakdown in communication as a wall will not allow others into our space to have a close relationship. Some people keep their wall up for so long that it eventually becomes a subconscious pattern so they are not even aware that it exists.

When emotional issues are not dealt with over a period of time they can manifest into physical symptoms like headaches, insomnia and tense muscles which drain the life force from our body. The longer the emotions fester the worse the symptoms will become developing into far more serious health problems.

In Life Alignment we work together with our patients emotional Issues that are stored as memory in the body and the affected areas that have blockages that hinder the body’s natural energy flow. Subconscious patterns keep us trapped and tricked into repeating the same old stories into our lives. Yes, we have all heard about the broken record story! A transformation can only take place when we become consciously aware as it enables us to take some responsibility for what is required to action in order to move forward with a deeper understanding of ourselves and others.

For example, through therapy my patient realised that from a young age she took on the role of mothering. This became an unconscious karmic pattern that she took into her failed marriages. Jane, (pseudo name) finally decided to change this pattern when she realized that she was feeling used and abused.

Jane would like a relationship that is on a more even keel with an adult to adult relationship rather than the mother to child one that had developed subconsciously in her second failed marriage. The emotions that were impacting Jane were abandonment and abnormality. Jane chooses to put some boundaries (not barrier)
in place but sadly once verbalised her husband abandoned the marriage confirming her feelings of being used.

Jane is continuing with regular life Alignment sessions to bring balance and harmony back into her life. It has been a difficult and highly charged emotional transition because there is a lot of anger and resentment about the past. Jane is also angry at herself for all the things she felt she should or shouldn’t have done. Today Jane realises that hanging on to all of this anger was consuming her and affecting her entire body alignment on a mental level. The new conscious intention after her alignment is to use her energy to manifest her desire to aspire to becoming financially independent. Imagine how 90% of all that focus will benefit her new business venture!

One way to forgive, forget, and move on when it comes to wounds from the past is to examine objectively what transpired from a spiritual perspective. You can do this by looking for a deeper meaning and understanding of yourself and others so that you can advance your spiritual growth and at the same time let go of destructive thinking.
What happens when the person you need to forgive is you? The first and foremost important reason to forgive is to release the negativity that burdens our physical body. Why on earth do we choose to hang on to our hurts and injuries when it literally eats us up and destroys our physical wellbeing?

Judging and blaming ourselves for past mistakes and not moving on is one of the major causes for depression, stress, addiction, and anger issues. The longer you refuse to forgive and release the past, the more pressure you put on your heart, your blood pressure, and your arteries, a perfect recipe for ill health!

Forgiveness works both ways. “If you are guilty of mistreating people or of being unethical in business, if you cheat, manipulate, steal, lie or violate and exploit others for your own personal gains, your negative energy will expose you sooner or later”. At the end of the day we need to find a way to return to loving ourselves so that we can reflect our inner strength and beauty into the arms of grace.

Reasons to forgive:

  • It’s good for your health
  • It increases your longevity
  • It increases your awareness and intuition
  • It lifts your energy and attracts people to you
  • It improves your heart and creates positive energy around you
  • It makes life easier for you and everyone around you.

Steps to Forgiveness

  • Don’t blame yourself for past mistakes
  • Grow and learn from perceived injuries.
  • Take some responsibility for the upset and injury.
  • Don’t allow yourself to be the victim of your circumstances.
  • Pray for help in forgiving
  • Stop dwelling on past injuries and don’t talk about them anymore.
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