Long Distance Healing Works!

October 2018

Through Christine, I have had the honour and privilege of being introduced to the sheer wonder and magnificence of Life Alignment on a one on one basis, as well as through distance healing.

As I live in the Eastern Cape and Christine practices out of Durban, scheduling one on one sessions is practically impossible. That being said, Life Alignment offers Distance Healing which is just as amazing and beneficial as a one on one session.

My recent remote session with Christine has forever changed my life and how I view energy healing, Life Alignment and life in general.  At the behest of my sister, after six weeks of suffering with migraines, slurred speech, weakness, fatigue and dizziness I had a remote session with Christine. The results were phenomenal and instantaneous.
I had been suffering with high levels of heavy metals.
To have experienced a total clearing of heavy metals from one’s system without side effects and without having to be physically present, is nothing short of miraculous.

Once you have experienced the effectiveness of remote healing it gives you an enhanced appreciation of just what energy medicine is all about. You gain the pure understanding that energy can move from one end of the earth to the other end in the blink of an eye through just pure intentionality.  I am truly grateful to have learnt this lesson, for not only did it facilitate my physical healing but my spiritual healing and growth as well.

Melanie Ball, Lusikisiki.


Durban South Africa

Date: April 25th 2018

I’ve had the pleasure of both having Christine as my teacher and receiving Life Alignment treatment from her. Drawing from many years of experience in the field and from her own inner work, she skilfully navigates you into your higher potential. Whether you are looking at receiving a Life Alignment treatment from Christine or delving into Life Alignment yourself with Christine as your teacher – you are surely in for a transformational experience on many levels.




Date: 9.06.16

Hi Chris,
I am ever so grateful for all the times you’ve helped me with this ongoing process of life’s experiences.
Sometimes we can be intuitive enough to go through life’s challenges, but sometimes we need to be clear about what we need to focus on as a priority of cleansing and healing in order to feel better because stuck emotions have caused pain to our physical body

I find it very easy to share with you as with today’s technology, distance healing is no longer that distant ?. We communicate by Viber and most of the time you will text me the report of the balance within the hour. This allows me time to focus on the questions you send me to reflect upon before discussing via Skype. Thanks again for your availability.

A few weeks ago you did a life path process balance for me. I felt that I was stuck in getting closer to my life purpose. I was restless, felt insecure, wanted to quit my job, was frustrated and all this manifested into acute jaw pain. I had been to an orthodontist and chiropractor but the pain would only ease for a day or 2 then come back. It was obviously telling me to look deeper. I wasn’t dealing with the emotions linked to this pain. I’ve learned through your balancing that pain is an indicator that we need to look deeper into what’s going on inside and sometimes go through the emotions again to be able to let go.

It’s amazing how we are connected as you didn’t know I was going through this inner turmoil and yet you contacted me just at the right time to ask how I was. This brought me back to my essence and I said to myself, ‘Ok this cannot be a coincidence, now I need to look deeper.

As we went through the Life Path Process over several sessions I could recognise some of my old emotional patterns. As you gave me the words connected to the story it became obvious that the ‘story’ was linked to some of these old patterns that were just replaying as if waiting to be seen and to be taken care of. I like to imagine these emotions like little kids in the classroom pointing their little fingers up when they know the answer and waiting to get attention from the teacher. ?

I now feel focused, determined and self -disciplined. I set mini goals and make my utmost to stick to it. I feel I know where I am going now even though the how and when have not yet manifested in my life. I am not wanting to jump into hasted and impulsive decisions. I know I need to give myself more time to work on myself and I have committed to learn by giving myself more time to do so, by reading, listening, observing, bonding and practice.

I’ve achieved something which I have always dreamt of. I’ve build myself a sacred place a little room where I can meditate, display my books, play my music, spend time with myself. The best gift ever to myself!
I encourage anyone who feels stuck, depressed, lost on their way or worst of all having everything in life to be happy but still feeling empty, to take responsibility for your life and take a step forward. It’s never too late to learn, to experience to decide.

Live the life you have always dreamt of, listen to your call, not the one which has been imposed by life’s struggles or wrong choices because of lack of clarity in that moment.

Life Alignment is a great tool! Follow your intuition and if what I am sharing resonates with you, you will know that this is the right helping hand you need.
Love & Light,


APRIL 2016


Whilst  on safari on game reserve in Zululand I experienced what seemed like a trapped nerve in my leg which was causing me pain and discomfort in my upper leg and lower back. At the same time I was suffering with a tooth ache. The medication that we had available just wasn’t working to give relief, as a result I started to feel very ill. This was my first time visiting South Africa and a game reserve so I was very disappointed that I had to stay in bed missing one of the game drives.

Christine became aware of my absence as we were on the same game drive the previous afternoon. When she realised I was ill she kindly offered me an energy healing balance. I had never heard of this before so Christine explained to me what she was going to do and how it works. It sounding quite intriguing so I thought I would have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

Christine traced the root cause of an emotional imbalance to October 2014. The words mystic and guilt became a prominent aspect for that time frame for me to consider.

That year my daughter had fought against a severe illness and had many hospital stays for lengthy periods of time totalling 6 months. The Drs never were able to diagnose her problem.

I felt so powerless to help my daughter so was very upset, especially when she needed me the most I felt I had nothing to offer to support her. I felt weak and so guilty. She has had reoccurring illness since then and lost a child during pregnancy last year. I felt so helpless!

Christine helped me realise my daughter and I had created barriers to cope with past family stresses. Christine also helped me realise we didn’t respect or love ourselves enough to make ourselves a priority. Self- sabotage and illness was the body and minds way of reacting.  This was quite a revelation for me and also quite emotional to go through the memory of it.

Now I know we can protect ourselves and help our bodies to recover before they break down. Next time should something happen where I find myself emotionally upset or in a helpless situation I will call on Christine from wherever I am knowing that she can assist me at any distance. I know that this healing is just as effectively from a distance because of what happened to my daughter afterwards.

  I spoke to my daughter the day after the healing to find out how she was feeling. This was because Christine told me the healing would also benefit my daughter. My daughter told me that she had been feeling very ill but she was OK now. I asked her when she started to feel better and it was at exactly the same time Christine was doing the healing. I told my daughter about the healing but she just laughed it off as she thought I was joking.

Remarkably I have not experienced any ailments in the last 3 weeks since being back home.

I am now going to spend more time with my daughter. She lives a long way from me but we talk more often and I know we can live happy and satisfying lives. In particular I have decided to lead a healthier life style and hope my daughter will learn from my example.

Thank you so much Christine. You are amazing and I am forever grateful for providing me with the tools to implement a change of lifestyle.

 Warmest Regards

Andy Chadburn U.K




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