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Life Alignment South Africa

Life Alignment was developed by Dr Jeff Levin as a system of natural healing designed to move you forward amidst a changing global landscape, and to enable you to greatly improve the world around you. Using applied Kinesiology and pendulum dowsing to identify the root causes of pain, illness and ‘stuckness’, Life Alignment  empowers you to bring about a conscious reality of balance  between yourself, others and the world that you inhabit.



Body and Mind
Tel: 031-7017548

Body and Mind promotes people who offer a variety of complementary therapies and products from aromatherapy to Zen Meditation. Their aim is to help people to maintain a complete state of wellness through the integration of health, lifestyle and beauty.  On you will find a countrywide directory of complementary, alternative and natural health therapists / practitioners and an online shopping facility where you can purchase products to improve your health and promote a feeling of wellbeing.