Have you experienced a struggle of some sort in your life? Naturally we don’t want to share our stories as it may make us feel vulnerable or seem weak in some way. I believe that the more we are able to express and share our vulnerability and weaknesses the better we can help others with similar struggles.

Here is my story and the lessons I learn’t.

I was eight years old and the eldest of four children when my parents divorced. Being separated from my mother and youngest siblings was difficult enough but what was more traumatic was when my brother and I were whisked away to a children’s home whilst my father sold the house, left England and immigrated to South Africa. This was the start of a great deal of insecurity and instability for me and my brother. Eventually we were both reunited with our devoted mother and my younger brother and sister.


How did this episode impact my life?

Although mum did her best to take care of us, it was extremely hard for her financially as my father left us with next to nothing. There were several moves before we finally settled into a place we could call home. I moved schools numerous times which impacted on my ability to keep up with the various new classes and different school environments. As a result I failed my 11 plus which was when I started to believe that I wasn’t very bright. I didn’t realise that I was actually struggling emotionally and that this was hindering my learning.

Milestone 1: Fear of Exams

My fear of exams was probably one of the reasons why I chose to leave school at the age of 15 to take up an apprenticeship as a hairstylist. At the age of 21 I left England as a qualified stylist and immigrated to South Africa. Within nine months I co-owned a top salon in Durban and remained self-employed for the rest of my 30 year hairdressing career.

Milestone 2: Gaining Confidence

As my confidence grew I took to the stage with both hairdressing shows and local beauty contests. I persevered intermittently for the next 10 years to learn French but refused to take the exams as I was still so nervous. When I eventually plucked up the courage to take the end of year exams I won a prize for the most advanced student.

Milestone 3: Conquering My Fear of Water

I wanted to learn how to scuba dive. I wasn’t sure how I would manage as I was afraid of the sea due to some past childhood memories. I also didn’t make the school swimming team so I wondered how I would pass the swimming test, never mind the written exams. Even after I qualified I had an upset stomach for an entire year due to feeling nervous every time I went diving. This didn’t make me give up. Later I went on to become a dive master after passing the daunting physical and written exams.

Milestone 4: Changing My Career.

At the age of 45 I changed my career without blinking an eyelid to pursue my passion for energy healing. I have acquired many certificates as a Life Alignment Practitioner and Teacher that I’m very proud of. I have taught energy healing in Saudi Arabia, Mauritius, and Australia as well as in my home town, Durban, South Africa. I’m also delighted that I have trained a couple of medical doctors that are specialized physicians. If someone would have told me one day I would be training medical doctors I would have thought they were absolutely crazy.

Milestone 5: Facing My Biggest Fear

It’s a well-known fact that most people avoid public speaking like the plague. Well, it certainly was my biggest fear. My passion for my work overtook my fear, so I took some deep breaths and dived in to new depths. I gave talks and presentations about Life Alignment and did various radio interviews. I spoke with Dr Jeff Levin, the founder and developer of Life Alignment, on a local radio station – another proud moment.

Reflecting on my life so far I realise that the progress I have made wouldn’t have happened had I remained fearful and shied away from taking the initial steps of facing my fears. Each challenge, once accomplished, made the journey a little easier – my confidence blossomed and my life was enriched in a variety of ways. It’s extremely empowering to realize that it’s possible to accomplish your heart’s desire and that you can achieve anything you wish if you have the passion and courage.

I read a book many years ago titled, ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’ by Susan Jeffers. People still talk about this book today. It’s a very simple yet powerful book and could possibly inspire you to take your first steps.


I hope my story motivates you to facing your ‘life tests’. Don’t sit back and procrastinate as these will become your ‘life blocks’ and you will miss out on being awesome!

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