Int. Locum Healer

International Locum Healer

Name: Christine Hardy
Nationality: British / South African
Mobile: +27 82 373 5460

RE: Locum Healer, Teacher & Training Opportunity

Welcome one and all

I am a devoted Life Alignment Practitioner & Teacher with a proven track record and have facilitated numerous workshops in South Africa and Mauritius. Life/Vortex Alignment* has been my passion for many years as the phenomenal results speaks for itself. As a complimentary healer I concluded my studies in Energy Healing at mastery level (Reiki) along with a host of other qualifications within the field of natural healing (details below).

I am a high-level self motivator and have facilitated countless workshops at a proficient level sharing my expertise in the field of personal growth and development.

My knowledge of self-healing together with the techniques I use (and wish to impart) makes way for credible results guaranteed.

I serve as part of the panel of experts on, South Africa’s largest online health directory. I’ve done many guest appearances as talk show host on local radio stations, done countless public talks and presentations, and written numerous publications promoting Bio-Energy Healing which supports fundamental shifts on all levels which include physical, mental, emotional and spiritual platforms.

My personality is stable, dynamic, non political and spiritual not complying within any set denominations.

Qualifications and Expertise:

  • Registered member THASA & NHT (SA Natural Healers and Teachers Association)
  • Trained directly under Dr Jeff Levin doing Bio-Energy, Body Alignment, Body Spin, Vortex Alignment, Professional (home/business alignment), organisation alignment (11 years experience)
  • Facilitator and moderator for Bio-Energy Healing
  • Energy Healing – Reiki Master
  • Professional qualified Life Line Counsellor

* Life Alignment Benefits:
Life Alignment serves as a trans-formative therapy facilitating gentle changes through a profound and empowering transformational process using specific techniques that brings about better relationships, positive communication, improved health & general well-being. This awakens the individual to embrace new potentials and endless possibilities. This not only impacts the person as an individual but generally emanates positive energy into the environment and thus on a larger scale results in improved living and working conditions as a whole.

Dr Jeff Levin is an international healer and leader in the world of Natural Medicine and Founder of “Life Alignment”
For Further Details:


As a Life Alignment practitioner and teacher I pledge to empower groups and individuals assisting them to awaken to their own innate natural healing ability.

I serve as a healer and teacher committed to support and honour humanity to discover their greatest potential which impacts all levels of awareness, personal and professional.

As a professional I ensure my continual adherence to the highest code of ethics and integrity.

Some (shortened) TESTIMONIALS

I have attended a course given by Mrs C Hardy and I have referred some patients to receive treatment in private sessions from her. From my own observation and experience and the feedback I got from my patients I am convinced about the effectiveness of Bio-energetic medicine. This healing technique complementary to our established medical services brings a speedy relief to our diseased patients, and it even proves to be an excellent tool in preventive medicine. Its fundamental healing principle is based on a systematic balancing of the body energy. Dr H.Gyaram Hemco – Diabetes centre Mauritius

I was sceptical about this treatment until I experienced it for myself and felt the benefits. Christine Hardy is extremely qualified and comes highly recommended.
Annagret Laport – Renaissance magazine.

Christine’s calm manner and skilled technique took me to the heart of what was bothering me in a very short time. The next morning my energy level was incredible!
Isabelle Luker – The Bugle News paper

Thanks so much Christine for an incredible weekend of learning – I have an Incredible sense of calm about me that I have not experienced in a long time!
Lee-Ann – Student

Thank you so much for such a wonderful weekend. I really loved the experience and wonderful warm way you taught this beautiful material.
Candice – Student

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