Get out of your head and into your life for self-confidence.

Road blocks or ‘life tests’ become a block when your subconscious is taken over by fear-based beliefs. These can arise from your past such as pre-conditioning from your childhood or your perceptions based on your life experiences and the way you view them. Your beliefs then become the triggers that send an alarm response to your subconscious mind. This determines the way you react to your beliefs and current circumstances. These road blocks jam up your life and sabotage your growth and potential if left unattended.


One extremely effective way of identifying your own road blocks is to get to the root cause and explore the negative programming that has impacted your entire body-mind- health-functioning. If you’re the personality type that suppresses or internalizes stress the likelihood is that you are going to land up on tranquilizers, anti-depressants or some other type of sedation if you don’t set about working on your ‘story’. You may suffer from symptoms such as pain that has no medical explanation.

What many Doctors and the public in general need to know is that modern-day body/mind energy medicine speeds up the healing process far quicker than any previous traditional approaches. A healing modality such as ‘Life Alignment’ gets to the root cause of any issue, clears it and shifts the mind and body into a higher level of consciousness. This not only prepares the body for self-healing, it also fast-tracks you to get your life back into balance and harmony. Pharmaceutical medication can’t do that.

‘Life tests are gifts that strengthen you, they help you ‘grow’. One of my limiting beliefs was ‘I’m not intelligent’. Lack of self-confidence was my ‘struggle’. Perhaps you know someone with similar self-esteem challenges that will relate to my story. If so, that person probably needs support, please feel free to share my story titled, ‘Road Blocks are simply milestones to success.’

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I personally facilitate and support individuals to get their life back into ‘Alignment’. It doesn’t matter where you live as distant healing is my speciality and it’s as effective as if you were present.

How does distant healing work?

Click on the link for testimonials or watch videos to learn more about long distance healing.

I recommend the ‘life purpose balancing to clear stumbling blocks with core issues. This is done over several weekly sessions. healing/

I look forward to hearing from you and being of service in loving light.




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