Remote Healing

How does Long Distance or Remote Healing work?

We are energetic beings with an electromagnetic field of energy that surrounds us called the human energy field or the aura. The earth has its own electromagnetic field, we are not separate but interconnected to energy fields. These fields carry information which allows trained Life Alignment practitioners to access the root causes of issues which lie in the subtle and spiritual levels of consciousness. From this level, whether through a one-on-one session or remotely, deep healing and transformation take place, unlocking power and potential in all areas of life.

Remote Energy Healing is proven to be successful in treating:

  • Anxiety, stress, trauma, post- traumatic stress disorder
  • Depression, Loss of confidence and life’s meaning
  • Self-limiting belief systems
  • Learning difficulties – dyslexia, ADD, ADHD
  • Protection from harmful environmental energies – electromagnetic radiation, mobile phones, pollution and geopathic stress
  • Hormonal and immune imbalances, allergies, infections, chronic fatigue
  • Skeletal and structural conditions and associated pain
  • Discovering our life purpose and direction

What can I expect from a long- distance healing?

  • Sessions are hosted virtually over Skype, Zoom or your preferred online platform. Ensure you have a good connection.
  • Mini sessions duration is 30 mins. We will ascertain what your intention is for the session prior. Permission to balance what you wish to address will be balanced only if it is a priority that your higher self is ready to work with. If not, its possible that something else may need to take priority that you are not consciously aware of. Healing works in layers and by priority for that session. A mini balance will identify and balance one priority and associate it with a root cause and time frame.

Fee R680

  • Full session is 90 mins. This session covers all the above but allows time to work with several priorities in one session. This allows deeper work to take place.The entire session is split in 2 parts. The information and the balancing are done on a body chart with a representation of your handwriting.  During this 1-hour session you do not need to be present online, so this frees up your time to carry on your day as normal. Alternatively, you may if you wish to connect to the energy, meditate or lie down whilst the healing is taking place. The information of the balance will be recorded and sent to you for reflection. This then follows with a 30 minute video / audio call to take you through guided questions and delve into what the balance revealed and treated.

Fee: R 1500

What I will require from you?

  • Your full name printed in your handwriting. Take a picture and send via WhatsApp.
  • A client form will be sent for you to fill in
  • Payment to be made prior to session
  • Your Skype details

I look forward to connecting with you and helping you to work through your challenges.