My personal healing journey

Marital stress motivated me to take a keen interest in psychology, philosophy and esoterical subjects in the hopes of having a deeper understanding of my situation. I signed up for numerous workshops to develop my personal growth and self awareness which evolved over the years. In 1994 at the age of 36 I qualified as a Life Line counsellor.  I have been self employed since the age of 21 years and believe that my positive self motivating personality has rewarded me with handling life’s ups and downs wisely.

During my first transcendental meditation session I couldn’t understand why I  cried silent tears. I learnt that this is a natural way for the body to release stored emotions and was encouraged to persevere and was told it would soon subside, which it did. I continued to meditate on a regular basis as I thought it would help to overcome the extreme tiredness I experienced around 10am every day, even after having a perfectly good sleep. Emotional stress was draining me and I had been struggling to find my inner peace and happiness for a some time. It was obvious I was avoiding making some painful choices. Finally when I was told I had the first stages of cervical cancer I knew I had to find the courage to make a major decision. I got divorced in 1999.

What inspired me to change my career to become a healer?

A 30-year career as a self-employed hairstylist served me well as my clients were my teacher of life. Some clients shared their personal life experiences which taught me to have empathy with people’s common issues at a young age.  However, the moment I introduced Indian Head massage into my salon my life changed dramatically.  Somehow connecting with my clients in this way developed my intuition and clairsentience on an energetic level. The question was how and why? Curiosity guided me to seek answers to understand this heightened experience. It was the beginning of my journey into understanding energy medicine.

I experienced my first Life Alignment healing session early 2002 (Previously called Body Alignment) the practitioner took me back to an emotional trauma connected with my family that took place when I was 6 years old. How could she have possibly known this? Could my body really hold that information? Well obviously, the answer was yes!

I found it incredible that without prior verbal communication that she could access this kind of information.  I was fascinated with the fact that it was possible to find information from my body’s energy field. Without further hesitation I just knew that I had to learn this technique. I enrolled as a Life Alignment student for the first course available and simultaneously studied to become a Reiki Master and Spiritual Healer.

Since qualifying at the end of 2003 with the basic requirements to be recognised as a Life Alignment practitioner I continued my studies and reached the highest level of qualification graduating through to module 7. I am a qualified teacher, spiritual healer, and Reiki Master.


  • Vortex & Home Alignment
  • Business / Organisation Alignment
  • Life purpose Alignment
  • Iris balancing
  • Distant Healing


  • Pendulum dowsing for health is an online workshop for beginners.
  • Foundational course is entry level into Life Alignment energy healing system.
  • Module 1 & 2 courses are the basic requirements to become recognised as a Life Alignment practitioner.
  • Vortex 1 Course
  • Vortex 2 Home Alignment Course

All courses are certified and Internationally recognised.

More information about courses and services can be found on my website.

Private retreats arranged on request for minimum 8 persons.

Kindly email me for any enquiries. christine@christinehardy.co.za

Other areas of specialisation include the following:

  • Vortex & Home Alignment
  • Business / Organisation Alignment
  • Life purpose Alignment
  • Iris balancing
  • Distant Healing

Courses I currently teach.

  • 1 day pendulum dowsing workshop a great start to developing your intuition.
  • 3 days Body Spin entry level into Life Alignment.
  • Module 1 & 2 which is the basic requirement to become recognised as a Life Alignment practitioner.

Regular courses are available throughout the year in South Africa,Mauritius, Saudi Arabia and Australia.. My services are particularly valuable for Retreats and Spas, particularly those that run detoxification programmes as patients require the support whilst releasing emotional toxins stored in the body.

Inspiring international healers made me realise this is not a load of hog wash but rather the medicine of the future and has a scientific basis.

Dr Jeff Levin founder of Life Alignment (Doctor of Natural Medicine), B Arch., B.Sc.(Nutrition) is an internationally renowned lecturer and healer and spends 9 months of the year travelling around the globe teaching his techniques to many health practitioners (including doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths, psychotherapists and complimentary health practitioners) and lay people.

The systems and tools he has created empowers people to heal themselves and others effectively and rapidly, releasing the blockages to complete wellness.

Barbara Anne Brennan formally a scientist for NASA and now a world renowned healer and teacher brought a workshop to Cape Town in 2004 which I was fortunate to attend. I continue to educate myself on an ongoing basis by attending various workshops, reading books and health magazines written by scientists and other health experts in their field.

I participated in ‘The Breakthrough experience’ with Philosopher and author Dr John Demartini and continue to be inspired by others that are motivated to assist individuals on their journey to maximise potential for inner peace and happiness.

I have written articles on Holistic healing and give public talks and demonstrations promoting the Life Alignment Energy Healing technique. I am passionate about encouraging the development of listening to the heart rather than the head.  This is one of the best methods I have come across to short circuit the havoc that our minds create which is the main cause of untold misery.  The Life Alignment method continues to inspire and motivate people to take responsibility in this area of their life which is so vital to their health and well being.

How do I spend my personal time?

My favourite place to rejuvenate my soul is at the beach. I adore the ocean and sea life so love to walk by the ocean, scuba dive, swim or snorkle or just relax soaking up the sun. I am a non active dive master which means I no longer lead groups but dive for pleasure. Regular exercise is important for me so I attend regular pilates classes. I enjoy reading scientific based books that explain energy medicine.

Family and friends are important to me. I have a son and daughter and both my children now live in Australia, one in Perth and the other in Sydney.  I have gained a wonderful extended family through my second marriage and can even call myself a grandma. My social time is spent between family and the wonderful friendships that have been built up over the years.