Is Energy Medicine The Medicine Of The Future?

It was eight years ago that I was drawn to study energy healing in the form of Life Alignment with world renowned healer and pioneer of the Life Alignment technique Dr Jeff Levin. (Dr of natural medicine) Passionate about what I was learning and experiencing I become a dedicated  practitioner and teacher of Life Alignment. I am also a Reiki Master and spiritual healer.

Energy medicine is rapidly becoming an integral part of the wellness industry. The general public and Organisations have been seeking out other ways of dealing with their fast paced stressful lives and looking for more creative ways to have balance and harmony both at home and in the work place.

Medication and other types of ‘quick fixes’ often only masked the problems at hand and leave unattended the deeper symptoms or root causes on another level which could be either emotional, mental or spiritual.

Getting to the core or root cause of a problem is the holistic approach that more and more people are seeking for a longer term solution for restoring balance and harmony!

Life Alignment practitioners are trained to work with the body’s natural energy system to restore the initial imbalance/s

With the rippling effect of growing conscious awareness made possible with the new science of quantum physics energy healing is growing in leaps and bounds. It explains phenomena which was once considered to be supernatural, occult or simply just a load of rubbish. Modern researchers in biology, chemistry and physics confirm that our bodies are living organisms comprising of dynamic energy systems which form a continuous and interconnected communication system. To gain better understanding recommended reading is Energy Medicine, the scientific basis by James L Oschman ISBN O 443 06261 7

The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield published more than 20 years ago was one of the first novels that spoke of energy fields detected around plants and brought about awareness that all living organisms have an energy field that can be seen if one trains the eye into a soft focus. Documentaries are now available on DVD featuring top experts in their field that expands on that such as What the Bleep, The Secret and The living Matrix.

As far as energy healing goes what is the purpose of a practitioner being able to see, feel and interpret the human energy field?

Our energy field is a blueprint of our physical body and carries vital information that can be interpreted by a trained practitioner. The information will involve every aspect of our life, past and current. The main benefit of working with the energy field is that early detection of imbalances in the energy field can be dealt with long before a physical problem could manifest. Additionally a physical imbalance can be corrected through the energy field to allow the body to self heal.

Life Alignment practitioners use a form of kinesiology (muscle testing) and radionics through the use of a pendulum to gather various information from the energy field.  Acupuncture points are held in a specific way to clear pathways that are blocked. Additional information such as emotional issues or traumas which stem from past or current events are vital to address as this stays stored in the body as cellular memory. It is extremely beneficial to process these subconscious memories or patterns and bring them more into conscious focus so that the individual can be assisted to move forward with life allowing a deeper healing to take place.

Energy psychology in healing is not dealt with in the same manner as conventional psychology. It allows the interactive process to work with the subconscious and does away with lengthy analysis. It is only by being more consciously aware of emotional patterns that have shaped our lives such as fear, sadness or joy and happiness that we can choose to transform or change the patterns that have dominated out robotic reactions thus enabling individuals to make clearer decisions that move forward and generate self empowerment.

Amazing transformation takes place and an incredible sense of empowerment is achieved   when one has understood the areas of their life that need forgiveness, trust, empathy, letting go of anger resentment blame or regret and so the list goes on.

Holistic health involves taking the whole person into consideration, not just looking at one part of our life or symptom that we are experiencing right now. For example if you are emotionally out of alignment then it will affect you in all other areas of your life. This is also reflected on a physical level when emotions are involved as a response our illnesses. For example, someone who is immobile may feel trapped.

Dr Masaru Emoto who has studied the effects of water for more that 10 years has proven that thoughts can create effects in water? Our bodies are 90% water, so what are we doing to our bodies?! Reflect on instances when you have been either positively or negatively affected by other people around you either at work or home.

If you have ever had in the past or currently have negative thoughts, attitudes or feelings about yourself or others or any circumstance that has pushed your buttons what impact has this had on your life and that of others? It doesn’t always need verbal expression to affect another. Recall occasions when your perceptions, beliefs or attitude of disillusionment have created a toxic atmosphere. You can just feel it can you not?

For those that have a desire to speed up their personal growth and wish to improve the quality of their life, improve general health and have a positive impact on everyone that you come into contact with then this is an exceptional complementary therapy.

Life Alignment will enable you to have the profound experience of being facilitated through an empowering experience of self realization and transformation in a gentle non intrusive way.

Christine Hardy teaches and facilitates Life Alignment to private individuals, groups and Organisations.

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