Testimonials on Courses and Workshops

Hi Christine,

Since my session on the module 2 workshop I feel like a new person. After the process I knew something so toxic had literally left my body and my spirit. I feel like I’m different, changed in some major way for the better. I certainly felt the energy shifting emotionally, spiritually and physically. Now I  feel peaceful, at moments I feel like I’m experiencing life through different eyes. A new me! Before the session I was not present, I would lose concentration easily. Now I feel present emotionally, mentally and physically. I always felt like I couldn’t breathe, like I’m out of breath, now I can take much deeper breaths. Breathing is beautiful.

Christine thanks you so much for your support during the process. The way I felt there are no words to explain the depth of my childhood emotions. You supported me during the process; I focused on your words to get me through.

Love Zara


HI Chris,

I’ve been trying to find the right words to express how I feel…

Firstly I’d like to say thank you for making us all feel so welcome and comfortable in your home. Secondly thank you for making us all feel safe enough to allow our healing to take place. You are such a gentle, caring, loving teacher – thank you for sharing this journey with us and guiding us all the way from body spin to module 2, it’s been an incredible ride.

When I did my yoga certification 2 years ago my teacher told us that WE ‘choose’ our teachers obviously based on what we require at that point in our lives, I am so grateful that I chose you. When I saw your photo on the life alignment website, I just knew.

It is also so special to me that when you were in Perth, Australia visiting your son you went out of your way to get together with my best friend & soul mate Lara Farrow who is also a life alignment practitioner, and brought back a gift for me, from her. Thank you, that meant so much to me.

It brings me peace of mind to know that you are always there for us if we need any assistance regarding life alignment and I know that you will be a part of my life, for a very long time to come and that makes me so happy.

all my love, always Shan x x x


August 6th 2012

Hi Christine, thank you for an awesome weekend. I certainly enjoyed every moment of it. It was a wakeup call in many ways. The pain on my wrist is no longer there, and my wrist is more flexible and lighter. Thanks for the balance.




Ovober 2014 Kayleigh Weyer

This is a fascinating therapy. I had an extremely strong emotional experience which was a shock to me, but it took any doubt I had away and filled me with excitement and belief in this healing modality.


October 2014 Sharon Essendrup

It was a wonderful experience to witness how the human body responds to energy healing with such non invasive procedures. I look forward to becoming proficient with all the techniques I have learnt so I can heal other people on emotional levels and anywhere else that maybe needed.



Body Spin student Ian Read October 2015

I am really appreciative that at last I have found a course, teacher and healer, in Life Alignment and Christine, close by in Durban. At last! I feel I have found the next link in the chain of my life purpose, in service of the whole as God directs my life.


Body Spin student Cindy Maspero October 2015

A fulfilling journey of learning and healing with a wonderful group and teacher.


Body Spin student Regine Noel October 2015

It was fantastic to learn how to dowse with a pendulum and learn muscle testing. It is amazing to feel the energy and to have my pain released after a demonstration.




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