Testimonials for Distant Healing

Through Christine, I have had the honour and privilege of being introduced to the sheer wonder and magnificence of Life Alignment on a one on one basis, as well as through distance healing.
As I live in the Eastern Cape and Christine practices out of Durban, scheduling one on one sessions is practically impossible. That being said, Life Alignment offers Distance Healing which is just as amazing and beneficial as a one on one session.
My recent remote session with Christine has forever changed my life and how I view energy healing, Life Alignment and life in general. At the behest of my sister, after six weeks of suffering with migraines, slurred speech, weakness, fatigue and dizziness I had a remote session with Christine. The results were phenomenal and instantaneous.
I had been suffering with high levels of heavy metals.
To have experienced a total clearing of heavy metals from one’s system without side effects and without having to be physically present, is nothing short of miraculous.
Once you have experienced the effectiveness of remote healing it gives you an enhanced appreciation of just what energy medicine is all about. You gain the pure understanding that energy can move from one end of the earth to the other end in the blink of an eye through just pure intentionality. I am truly grateful to have learnt this lesson, for not only did it facilitate my physical healing but my spiritual healing and growth as well.

Lusikisiki, Mauritius
Melanie Ball


A few weeks ago, I asked Spirit to heal the temper problems I have always had, having tried various ways to control outbursts, and this over many years. This was a last resort which I had never thought to ask for….a pure and simple healing, due to the fact that absolutely nothing was working and I wanted urgently to rid this burden from my personality. So the sequence of events which led me to you, and now the sessions, are the healing I asked for. And the answer came very quickly. I wanted to let you know, firstly to thank you hugely for your part, and also to acknowledge how we can be healed, if we just ask, and believe it will happen. You are releasing tension and tautness throughout my body and emotions…not comfortable of course, but necessary. Yesterday I was able to walk along the Umhlanga Promenade right to the one end and back, something I haven’t done for years….I no longer had the energy…but after the time with you, I was aware of energy and a will to be in that wild wind and breathe freely, with exhilaration.
Thank you for your part in this. You really are doing appointed work and all for the good of humanity.

April 2020, Durban South Africa
Maggie Reynolds


Initially I was undecided about having a remote session as apposed to seeing Christine in person at her practice. However, lockdown did not give me much choice, so I decided to give it a try. I lay down and relaxed at home whilst Christine was doing the balance. Afterwards we connected on WhatsApp and discussed what was identified and balanced. Christine was correct in her findings and interpretation of the balance. I am now more confident to do another remote session.

April 2020, Durban South Africa


Remote healing on child diagnosed with border – line autism.

My son and daughter in- law were at their wits end trying to find out why my grandson Kyle was such a problematic child.

At age 3 he couldn’t be disciplined, he had bad temper tantrums and just simply never obeyed instructions. Bed times, meal times and bath times were always a forced battle.

Kyle’s kindergarten teacher suggested that his parents seek professional diagnosis with regards to his unruly behaviour. Dale and Cleone took him from one specialist to another, from a paediatrician to phycologist, psychiatrist educational counsellors etc. Eventually my grandchild was diagnosed with border- line autism.

I live in Durban South Africa and my grandson Kyle lives in Brisbane. I felt the only way that I could try to help my grandson was to ask Christine Hardy, who is my’ Life Alignment’ practitioner if she could do a long distant healing on him.

Christine asked me to bring a photo of Kyle and we set up an appointment to do the remote healing using me as the surrogate. I am familiar with this process as I have done it in the past for my son when he was going through a stressful period.

I informed my daughter in-law of the date and time of the healing so she could let me know if there were any changes.

The results were absolutely amazing and almost instantaneous. The same day after the healing my daughter in-law called, she said, ‘when it was Kyles bath time I called him and he miraculously said,’ OK Mum’ and went to bath like a lamb. He got undressed without any fuss, and got into the bath without any complaints’. This was like a miracle, no tantrums no resistance!

Kyle is now 11 years old and so much improved. He goes to a normal school, and is in fact my best behaved grandchild.

Thank you so much Christine.




Healing for brother and sister.

Hi Christine, thank you dear for your intervention with my kids. They have definitely had a shift. Saihini is more relaxed and not as overwhelmed and Daiyin also has been calmer. You’re a darling.

With Love,

Marlynee Naicker


Thu 2015-06-04 12:40 PM


I have been receiving healing (initially in person and then mostly remotely) from Christine for well over a year now and I feel that she has helped me a great deal with my recovery from an extremely traumatic period of my life. During this period I had to deal with an immense amount of loss, including the death of my husband, retrenchment and having to move out of my home and start over in another city. 

Christine has been instrumental in helping me to move forward holistically in body, mind and spirit. During her sessions, Christine is extremely accurate and can pinpoint exact parts of the body affected, I actually feel her working on the area affected with the precision of a surgeon! She tells me where I have pain or discomfort without any information from me.

I had been suffering from immense fatigue and an inability to focus as a result of the shock, but thanks to these healing sessions, I have regained a great deal of my energy, mental focus and concentration. Christine’s healing has helped me to identify and work through issues on a physical, emotional and spiritual level that are blocking my progress and I’m always astounded by her insights.

I have also requested healings for family members and friends and they have been amazed by the results. In my opinion, Christine is SA’s very own Caroline Myss!

 Olivia Hardy, Johannesburg


June 2015

“Working with Christine Hardy has helped me find answers to questions and dilemmas I had about my personal, professional and spiritual life. The two main difficulties that impacted my life which were resolved, was finding the true alignment of my life’s purpose and managing a viscous cycle in my relationships.” I was constantly travelling so most of my sessions were done long distance followed up with a Skype consultation. I would have one on one consults with Christine when I visited South Africa.

Alaa M. Naseif, Ph.D

My Miracle of Life Alignment…

For privacy I choose not to disclose my full name and profession. However I choose to share my story with you as I feel it is a story that should be shared with those of you who have no hope and feel alone and depressed about many of your life situations. In 2005 I became seriously ill due to work stresses and dealing with moving to a new job,new cityas well as having severe pneumonia. After seeing the doctors and taking medication it was apparent that I was not getting any better, one afternoon I just collapsed, my entire body was shutting down and my muscle and speech function started to become impaired. That’s when the “tardiv dystonia” set in i.e. I was having an allergic reaction to all the meds that was being administered to me (Note to all: make sure you ask about the contra-indications of all meds that you are taking… Tardiv dystonia is involuntary muscle spasm of the nerves triggered by and allergic reactions to medication.

Anyway I was not getting better and after many touch and go experiences in that week. I remember that the only person I could think about to help me was Christine, Christine has been my therapist now for about 6 years… I remember telling my family…”Tell Christine she will be able to help… I didn’t want anything to do with doctors who just couldn’t help and didn’t even know what to do now. One night I remember my sister telling me that Christine was doing remote a vortex healing on me. I was just barely surviving in hospital…. The doctors didn’t know what was going on…neither did my family….I was just drifting in and out of consciousness and was not getting any stronger….But I was calm and I remember feeling the energy healing in me with both prayers from all my loved ones as well as all the vortex healing which I asked for.

In one month I was completely paralysed from the neck down. I did not understand why everyone was treating me like a broken doll. As far as I was concerned my brain was registering everything and I was answering and functioning as normal. I was not aware that my cognitive functions where not responding to what my brain was relating. So no-one could understand me!!! I remember thinking “what is wrong with these idiots?”. I used to get really angry with everyone …until my mom then finally understood what was happening as only mothers would and she finally told me that they could not understand me. I then realized that something was wrong and, having a functional brain and being a scientist, I decided to investigate….

I started to listen to my body and only concentrate on one thing at a time, as multi-tasking was difficult. As I started to learn to quiet my mind and take the time to listen to my body, my other energy modalities started to be developed. Everything was so loud and I could even tell who was saying what on the road and could distinguish the different birds while in the house. My family knew about my body vortex therapy and I had them place the cards on me everyday. As I prayed and practiced more body alignment on myself and found different ways of communicating with my family. I started to understand better what it was like to be a paraplegic, in fact I was also treated like I was dumb, by people, when I went shopping in a wheel chair or for outings.…When in a wheel chair, it was quite amazing that people shout at you and think that you are hearing impaired, they would talk at me instead of to me and would just be a real bother to me. We are the same people we just don’t have the use of our bodies… They would speak to me like they where talking to a little kid…I used to get annoyed at the baby talk and irritating “Aag Shame”.

Amazingly enough we got through the first month and we finally acknowledged what was happening and I was prepared to spend the rest of my life in the wheel chair if I had to. Acknowledging meant taking responsibility understanding what was going on and then saying now what? Where to from here? Or, what is the next stage of healing?  I had to re-learn everything from eating to walking again, just like a little kid…but the adult me was still alive, my soul was still in my body.  Work was not a problem as I was a Body alignment therapist and had lots of clients. I must admit that I was my biggest client. I may not remember much of the difficult days except for reading my all prayers on time and just healing myself with Body and alignment and vortex therapies, even while I was a paraplegic.

I do remember reading the whole of Harry Potter with just recognizing the words yet not putting the meaning to it. I learnt to find a new way to communicate with the people around me and I had to teach them how to move my body that was not responding. I finally got to moving around on my own and was brave enough to even look for the angels that they say visit those ready to cross over…I didn’t meet them so I finally accepted that I still had work to do here on earth. Now three years later, I am fully recovered and still go to Christine for healings. I have just been on a Body Spin course which I must add is one of the most fantastic healing modalities ever. I also have some amazing results with my clients. My Energy Healing is my Passion and my work as a scientist is my hobby.

To those who feel that this is just another story well western medicine couldn’t help me because a lot of the time our emotions are suppressed and of course no body deals with these emotional issues, there is no one to listen to us or help us and heal our minds and body so that our souls can heal. In today’s cultures suppression of feelings is the norm which eventually results in dis-ease in our bodies. I found that Life Alignment helps balance out both emotional and physical issues so that our bodies and lives may exist in harmony. Also people are not re-traumatized by past events etc and we are better able to deal with different stresses in our lives, be it depression, paralysis, dystonia, ADD, loneliness etc. We find the cause of all these emotional distresses and balance them out of our systems. Life Alignment is also based on science and physiology of the body and using and understanding our body and soul issues as a whole so that we may exist in harmony within ourselves. Remember there are different Light and Energy healing modalities available to us all. We use the ones that resonate with us at a moment in time to dissolve blockages and issues stored within us. All are different healing modalities that we use for inner and outer balance…

With Light, Love and Blessings



My dog was healed!

Hi Christine

Yes, as soon as I got home the notice in all was immediate.  Lily as you know walked with a limp especially in the winter and although only 4 years old could never run around with my other dogs yet she is still a puppy at heart.

Lily was a rescue dog from a Animal Shop.  She was so badly male nutritioned that both her back legs could not hold her up.  Thankfully my vet is not one to rush into an operation at the first sign of illness and placed her legs in plaster of paris for a few weeks and we feed her up.  Although initially this seemed to work when she reached about 18 months her legs started to collapse again and we had no option to either operate or put her down.  We opted to have the operation and although a success for a while we have noticed of late her leg getting worse with the limp especially in winter yet she still tried to play with my other dogs but she could not play for long.

Until we did the distance healing. Knowing that the healing would work having had the privilege of not only having you as my teacher but also as an inspiration  I drove into the driveway and  there she was running around as if she never had a day’s problem in her life. She was walking around normally and even when she lay down depending on her good and bad days lying down was always a problem.  Well she just plopped herself down as if in no pain.  Since then she has been like a dog with a bone with a permanently doggy grin on her face.  I will continue to do the distance healing on her so that she can continue her healing in an extremely holistic way without any more medical intervention.

Warmest regards

Vanessa Gouws


Hi Christine,

The Doctor said” what have you done? Magic??” I heard in his mind saying “ This can’t be cured like that.”  and continued giving me options for surgical intervention. I felt that only thing that matters for him is money, money, money. Christine…. I AM FEELING BETTER. Just a little tired in my mind…but I am feeling well. And I trust Life Alignment , my God and Angels. I thank you very much for the healing and support you are giving to me.

My Reverence to you.



October 2015

After a recent and very stressful period in my life I soon realised I needed help. I was feeling depressed and extremely emotional. I wanted to avoid modern day prescription drugs and their long term dependency so I decided to look at alternative options. I was surfing the net I came across Christine Hardy via her website.

I decided to contact her as I wanted to find out if she could help me out of my distressed state. I found an instant connection with Christine as she explained what we would experience together. The long distance healing carried out by Christine was not one sided, she guided me to work on some issues to clear the way ahead.

I’m still working with Christine on the odd Occasion and now find my path ahead clearer. Being rebalanced and clearer in my mind is a wonderful experience. I now practice Reiki and study Holistic healing as a part of my life.

Thank you ‘Christine Hardy for all your guidance and help.



Testimonial Durban November 2015

Working with Christine has been powerful and insightful, she has been able to unearth things within me that I have not realised but which have helped to heal issues long forgotten. (Well at least I thought they were!)

Even on a long distance consultation what was discovered was accurate to be unnerving. Thank You Christine for helping me to heal even things I didn’t know needed your special touch.

Janet A, South Africa.

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