Testimonials for Business Alignment

Testimonial – Company Alignment (Albion Guesthouse) Edited to shorten.

I have to say that I am very impressed with the process and results. With any business there is always room for improvement and at times you don’t realize that personal aspects do have an impact on the business on relationships within the business.

Our business in general is doing very well, what did come up during the company alignment were person issues that need to be worked, for myself personally I have a workaholic tendency which became apparent again during my own personal alignment, I am grateful this came to light as I was not aware of my tendencies. As a result I have taken a holiday, which has been very beneficial personally and from a business aspect.

One of the major areas we have is a difficult neighbor, which previously caused us stress and we would modify the way we would do business so as not to create any unpleasantness. Peter would be impacted by the stress placed on him and to a degree place a lot of energy on a situation he cannot change. As a result of the alignment, Peter’s attitude has changed to the point where he does not have any stress related to this area and has been impressed by the company alignment. Peter was very skeptical when we started this process and his attitude has now changed to where he acknowledges there has been a good change.

As we are currently building extensions and our new flat – one of the benefits from the alignment was Christine found geopathic stress in two locations. Both were significant, the first was geopathic stress found in one of the bedrooms and Christine found the exact spot which was where the previous owner slept and got very ill and passed away. The second location is where we will be sleeping in the new building and precautions that have been taken.

Kind Regards
Jean Howlett


My wife recommended that I pay Christine Hardy a visit for Life Alignment. I was impressed by her method of healing through muscle testing.

I decided to make further use of her professional services to align my casino in Lusaka.

Through floor plans she identified the negative stresses on the premises as well as staff members who were negatively affecting the business. Christine has recommended that we make certain changes in the business, some of which have already taken place and others that we still intend to action. The changes that Christine recommended were practical and made sense to us so we will be following her recommendations. Christine also evaluated four new projects that are in the early stages of development and has noted that we may need to take extra caution on one in particular. This information was also confirmed by another reputable source a few days later.

Christine identified the weaknesses of the business and strengthened these weaknesses through the aid of vortex cards, stones and personal healings and remote sessions. More importantly, she helped formulate an appropriate mission statement for the business.

I found her very accommodating and understanding as my time in South Africa was limited and erratic.  Her intuitive gift along with her professional attitude has made working with her a pleasure.

26 May 2010



Testimonial from Grant Webster design director and owner of FHD and key members present at the Organisation Alignment meetings:

Some years ago, I had my previous office building balanced using the principles of Feng Shui, and I wanted to ensure that my newest office building would benefit from being balanced in a similar way. It was essential to get the building assessed and balanced for any negative influences that could impact the smooth running of my business and to ensure that my staff would be able to work in an environment that would promote harmony amongst them, as well as allow our creativity to flourish in an environment that was safe and healthy.

I understand that unseen energies can have detrimental effects on people’s health and I engaged the services of Christine Hardy as an Energy consultant and healer to maximise the full potential of my business (and as I am a part owner of the building itself as a larger business entity, I also wanted a smooth and peaceful relationship with my tenants). Christine worked from floor plans and on site in order to establish the energy patterns and identify positive and negative areas and influences.

Later and prior to our moving into the new premises, Christine indentified problematic areas  from the floor plan such as electrical sub stations located under the building, along with Geopathic stress which was caused by a black stream (organic waste) in main sewerage pipes running under the building where our offices are located.  Christine neutralised the effects that can be potentially harmful by placing  Vortex cards in the offices to harmonise the energy frequencies and make them more compatible with the body’s energy system. Individual members of staff were muscle tested to assess the effectiveness of this process.

Fahrenheit employs 19 female staff, and I value the importance of maintaining a harmonious atmosphere and I support the emotional wellbeing of my staff.  Christine assisted several staff members on a personal level and the general response to this has been good.

We are now happily settled into our new premises and enjoying the energy here, and also enjoy a business that is profitable, secure and projects the image of a creative powerhouse to our clients.

I have found Christine to be pleasant and professional and I have no objection to recommending Christine Hardy for this work. We will be recommending Christine to our clients, especially when they relocate to new offices as a means of promoting harmony and growth, as this is part of our holistic approach to office interior design, something I believe in myself, and actively promote within our professional capacity.

Kind Regards

Grant Webster



Managing Member. Member of IID, (the South African Institute of Interior Design Professions) , N Dip INt Design, TN.


Tel: +27 (0)31 3123335

Fax: +27 (0)31 3123477

Postal Address: P O Box 30963, Mayville, 4058, Durban, South Africa.

Showroom and Studio: 2nd Floor, 33 Churchill Rd, Windermere, Durban, South Africa

Website: www.fahrenheitdesign.co.za




Testimonials: From key staff members at FHD.

1.In the beginning I felt all excited and happy being in a new place. I saw more smiley faces. Things feel easier and run more smoothly.
Kind regards
Tammy Dunlop
Interior Designer – N Dip Int Design, DIT

2. The relationships between people are better as we are in more contact with each other due to the single level that we are all on.
The atmosphere is more relaxed for some people.

Kind Regards,
Interior Designer – N DipInt Design, DIT. Btech Interior design, DIT

3. More professional appearance for Fahrenheit as a company. Change has definitely been for the better – very positive feedback from suppliers & clients on our new space.
Increase in staff productivity – possibly due to change in work environment & better defined workspace. I am personally experiencing this effect since our move.
I feel that Fahrenheit should, in 2010, align fees and projects with image we now portraying.

Kind regards,
Juanita Tucker



P.O.BOX 1657
Westville 3630
TEL: 031 267 1423
FAX: 031 267 1253

Testimonial – Organizational alignment

I met Christine about four years ago through Body Alignment. When I learnt that Christine offers Organizational Alignment, I was keen to have our business balanced. Although things were generally running smoothly, being familiar with energy work I knew that our business could benefit from alignment and balancing.

Christine worked off our floor plan and identified several areas and issues that required balancing. Never actually having been to our premises, it was amazing how accurate the information was that Christine picked up off the floor plan (i.e.: cell phone mast, a large air conditioning unit etc. – in the relevant locations.) Christine also assisted in formulating an appropriate mission statement for the business.

Being responsible for the smooth running of the administration side of the business myself, Christine picked up a blockage which was due to grief that I had not dealt with on a personal level. This issue was balanced and cleared the way for me to move forward in areas where I felt trapped in the past and to put the wheels in motion to develop my healing practice.

Several things have moved and shifted and I have noticed an improvement in general as well as more specifically in several areas that were balanced.

We often import spare parts for breakdowns on machines and we were experiencing delays with some shipments being stopped by customs for various reasons. This created frustration as dealing with customs (often being referred from one person to the next) can be very stressful and time consuming. We have not had one shipment stopped since the balance.

We also repaired two large machines for a customer. We had to outlay a substantial amount in spare parts for these repairs. The customer then decided to sell these machines but had a problem finding a buyer. These machines sat on out floor taking up space and preventing us from taking in more machines for repair. Less than a month after the balance these machines were sold and we were able to recover the outlay and show a profit.

I found Christine to be professional, yet pleasant, warm and understanding. Her dedication to what she does and her love for people shows in her work. I would be happy to refer Christine to friends and business associates alike.

Elize Dixon
29 November 2010

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