Testimonials for Home Alignment

Testimonial for Home Alignment.
I have had nothing but bad luck at my home (list of things like curse from the domestic worker to children’s pets dying, business, Strained relationships,) no need to give long intimate details.

I called Christine who was recommended by friend to ask if she could help to shift whatever it was that seemed to be attracting all these continuous problems like a magnet. At the time I was concerned it was my fault as I felt so negative about everything. Christine suggested I have some private one on one sessions.

Christine asked for floor plans of my house and signatures of all members living and working in the house plus samples of our pet’s hair. She started by working on the floor plan to identify what and where the problem areas were. Christine came to our home to go through the problem areas and gave us directions on some changes that needed to be made in the home. These changes made sense to both my wife and I and so we have implemented most of what has been suggested. Christine also gave us some programmed Crystals to place in specific areas.

I was amazed that she identified one particular area where we were always having a problem. We have an electric fence around our property but had intruders come through an area where Christine had indentified from the floor plan as a weak point.

I have also had a lot of problems with my jet ski as the electronics kept playing up. Christine recommended I park the Jet Ski in another area where it would not get affected by the electric overhead cables. I did this and have not had a problem since.

Mr Evan Katzer

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