Testimonials for Life Alignment & Body Spin Workshop

Testimonial for Christine Hardy

My name is Mandy Johnson, I am a Reiki Master/ Teacher, Massage Therapist and I also have just completed my Honours in Psychology at UNISA. I have my own practice in Durban North working with complementary therapies. Over the years I have had the privilege of doing many courses and experiencing many healing modalities, all of which have added to my life in their own individual and unique ways, and Body Alignment has been no different!

I would like to share with you in this testimonial the unique and special ways that I have experienced Body Spin work in both my life and that of my clients.

I arrived at Christine Hardy’s Body Spin Course with a very basic understanding of what Body Alignment was about, all I knew was that I had to do this course, so with only having experienced one very brief session, as a case study, I made the commitment to do the course.

My experience of the course was outstanding, by the end of the 2 days I had decided that this was definitely something that I wanted to pursue further and add to my practice. It was one of the only energy healing modalities, besides Reiki, that I personally experienced such a quick shift in my being. On the course, I had an emotional balanced done with Christine, I had a priority come up for me which took me right back to a time when I was still in my mothers womb. The emotional blockage that came up was so profound and without even knowing I had carried this theme throughout my life, right into my adult life. As Christine was doing the balance I actually could feel my body shifting. I am not referring to an earth shattering shift, but rather a gentle change deep within my psyche. I left the course that day with a different sense of self, a sense of liberation and freedom from something that I had held me back for years!

While doing my case studies on clients and friends I have seen similar shifts happening with them too. Emotional blockages have come up that have released emotions and liberated them from imbalances that have been hindering them for years. This is truly a powerful modality and it is definitely one that I am going to continue to grow and use within my personal and professional capacity.

I have registered myself to do the module one and I know that it is only going to add to my overall belief and amazement with Body Alignment.

Food for your Mind, Body and Soul



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From: Fran Jex
Date: 2007/06/19 01:56:22 PM

I was blown away by the workshop I attended with you this weekend.Dear Christine
I have been for Body Alignment treatments before, and they were gentle and peaceful, with no great movement.
During my training experience with you, the woman I was working on released massive energy from the site of an old injury – the energy coming from her made my arms shake, I became tearful and emotional, but managed to hold strong, and to ask our training group to come and hold space for me which they did beautifully.
Having Christine to help me to complete the process, as I was very shaken, was invaluable.
My group was told that I had held together very well, which I felt it as confirmation that I was able to do the work, and to deal with whatever comes up, as I have spent the past five years working on myself, and on occasion witnessing others fall apart in workshop conditions.  I understood that I have learned more than I realised on how to breathe through, – and get others to breathe through, – traumatic situations.
Thank you Christine, I could not have imagined having some thing like that happen on a training course.  It also served as confirmation for the group that energy healing does in fact work.  They were slightly skeptical, and wanted a sign!  They certainly got one.
Thank you for an astonishing weekend, and I would like to continue with this work and possibly attend further modules in time.
With love, Fran
Fran Jex
Pam Golding Properties
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Body Spin participant

Hi Christine,

I’ve put both cards as planned up the entrance.

New energy feels GREAT!!!!! We are renovating the house at the moment. Work is excellent, we are (all of us) in harmony, lots of joy, love, good health, mood= fantastic!

What a promising time. Thank u for my healing session & your teachings.

I’m training for Body spin nearly every day. I feel more & more comfortable and convinced of its efficiency.

My patients are all very happy, astonished how they feel during and after & how accurate it is.

I’m looking forward to work with the longer list of emotions & learn more.

Lots of love



Dear Christine

For me, the workshop turned out to be exactly how it was described in your advertising material. I liked the relaxed atmosphere and appreciated your teaching style. Thank you for sharing all your personal stories. They helped me to better understand holistic healing and how to incorporate it into my life. The story about your brother brought tears to my eyes and I was extremely touched by it.

There ended up being a great camaraderie amongst the participants and I believe the atmosphere you created during the learning sessions enabled us to help each other out and become friends in the process. I look forward to meeting up with the others to work on our case studies and turning to them for support and assistance. I enjoyed being with people with whom I found I had things in common. I appreciated the relaxed tea breaks and meal times. We managed to share a lot f about the course and each other.

Thank you for being available to answer our questions and provide us with support now that the course is finished. It is reassuring to know that I can count on you to assist me on this part of my journey.

Love Sandrine



Thank you for presenting this tremendous workshop. I had lots of fun and received plenty of new insights that made the weekend very rewarding. It is always a challenge to stay focused on what we are busy with during a workshop like this and not to bring to many “other” processes into the work presented. For me to remain within one approach is very difficult as I integrate all learning and use what is needed at that moment with the person I am busy with … mmm discipline. Yes and amazing the accuracy of especially the person who does this kind of work for the first time. Using the pendulum I feel gives the person more confidence in starting to flow in their intuition and develop competence towards other areas. Brilliant approach and well presented Christine, Thank you.

Martin Brits


 I feel absolutely great, thanks to you and Body Spin, that I had such a wonderful break-through, you are so wonderful. 

Love and Light

Shireen Singh

A wonderful experience, that allowed me the opportunity to learn more about another alternative health practice( I am a nursing sister, and have done reflexology therapy, and life energy therapy).This course taught me, how to focus on my inner strength and energy, in order to maintain my health of body and mind, and drove home to me, the need to protect myself from the negative influences, that abound in the modern way of life .

It was not my intention to go into practice, but to further my knowledge and to grow as a person, and of course to be able to help my family, when necessary. I  now, have a working knowledge, more understanding and the tools required, to be able to do this.

The venue was a peaceful, quiet environment in which to learn and we all enjoyed the hospitality afforded.

With many thanks,

Sheldene Stuart.  


Thank you so much for a wonderful week-end, really today I feel great, so much energy! Jacquline

Thanks so much Christine for an incredible weekend of learning – I have an incredible sense of calm about me that I have not experienced in a long time! Lee-Ann


Thank you so much for such a wonderful weekend and the photo’s.  I really loved the experience and wonderful warm way you taught this beautiful material. Candice



I attended the body spin workshop coordinated and taught by Christine Hardy in July 2011.  I have to commend Christine on her ability to coordinate both effectively and efficiently. In this regard the workshop exceeded my expectancy.

Further as a lecturer at the University of Kwazulu Natal and hence coming myself from an extended background in education I was impressed by her teaching methods and abilities. She has the ability to convey important aspects effectively and highlight key concepts exceptionally well. She has a sound understanding of her disciplines. It was a pleasure attending the workshop and I wish her success in all her future endeavours.

Regards Zeenat Jhaveri CA(SA)


August 6th 2012

Hi there Chris,

Just wanted to say thank you and let you know that the structural healing yesterday has had phenomenal benefits for me. I had a very painful point on my right foot, on the sole, that has been there for a few months and caused a lot of pain, to even touch lightly with a finger, let alone walk on. I woke this morning with the pain completely gone and I am able to press with a lot of force on the previously swollen point, and it doesn’t hurt. The inflammation has completely disappeared as well as the slight redness.

Thank you for this gift of healing. I AM honored and grateful to have received it.

Love and blessings and much light



Hi Christine

Thank you so much again for supporting me through the emotional release process the other weekend. I have noticed that I am far more balanced overall, have much clearer thinking and my intuition has improved tremendously.  The course has given me a huge boost in self-confidence… I really needed that.  It is wonderful to feel happy and passionate about life again.  Thank you for an amazing Body Spin course.


The workshop has been outstanding, I have gained an enormous amount of knowledge and new skills that will be beneficial to myself, family, frineds and community. Its been an awesome experience. It has helped me work on the awareness of my emotions and how to channel them.
Great environment, easy to pick up process. Good structureand very easy to learn.
I had a profound shift in energy which I know I needed for a long time coming. After the course I feel like I have come back from a long relaxing holiday. I feel amazing compared to the day I arrived. I am grateful for th eexperience and feel postive going forward.
The workshop was very fulfilling and the group energy extremely warm. Christine is a brilliant teacher and I’m looking forward to doing Module 1. Iniltally I felt anxious about my ability to learn but I  instantly relaxed with Christines calm, happy and encouraging way.
Debs Herdon
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