Aura Experiment

The purpose of the experiment was to record the colours and state of the chakra while holding a thought.

While still holding the thought vortex cards were placed on the chakras and a chakra reading was taken again after balancing poisons and toxins. This is necessary as the Vortex cards do release emotional and energetic toxins. We balance this point to avoid detoxification symptoms.

Changes could be seen from a very flaring solar plexus chakra and diminished (undercharged) lower chakras to a more balanced overall reading after the placement and detox balance.  The colour of the auric field changed as well.


Christine Cameron Testimonial.

I can remember vividly holding a negative thought, a disturbing interaction with a family member.  Just a negative thought can throw our field and throw our physical/chemical alignment out.

The card alignment and body spin over the vortex centers, can instantly align the field and bring the mind to stillness and the emotions calm down.  This is reflected in the Kirlian photo of the auric field and the chakras.

I can still remember that incident, which brought about the disturbing thought, but now it does not have the charge and I have the awareness not to hold the thought for too long.  In fact anything that disturbs my field I can replace with another thought or go into meditation.

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