Quantum magic via a clairaudience experience, part 1



An article about HYPER COMMUNICATION has motivated me to write about an amazing clairaudience experience I had in 2005. It was only in 2012 that I understood the full meaning of the message which was given in only two words.

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My husband and I moved into a new apartment on the La Lucia Ridge in Durban Kwa Zulu- Natal in 2005. The hilly crest was once covered with lush green sugar cane fields, which has now been replaced with luxury residential developments overlooking the ocean.

I fell into bed exhausted after days of unpacking boxes; I remember clearly that I didn’t have my bedroom curtains up on the night I awoke, startled by a very loud and crystal clear man’s voice, which sounded as though it was coming through an audio system. I lay there for a while with my eyes wide open, looking up into the silver lining of the aircon vent in the ceiling thinking that someone was playing a prank on me. I tried to wake up my husband to ask him if he could hear the voice, but he was in a deep sleep.

After a while of listening to the same name repeated consistently – Kate Brian or perhaps it was Bryon – I realized that it was stupid to think someone would play such a prank. The only other rational explanation for me was that it could be an entity trying to communicate something to me, but I was far too tired to take this seriously and needed my sleep. I had an inclination that if I sat upright in bed the voice would stop and I could go back to sleep. This is what I did and the voice halted immediately.

As you can imagine after recounting this experience to my husband in the morning, he just brushed it off as being a dream. I insisted that I wasn’t dreaming but he didn’t believe me. Eventually I just dropped it, but strangely enough my inner knowing told me that one day I would understand the meaning of this experience.

One week later….

My husband and I were invited to dinner at a friend’s home and I was introduced to a lady I had never met before, or seen since. I felt comfortable sharing my story with her as through chatting I learnt she had psychic abilities.  I was curious to know what she thought of my experience. She was of the opinion that it was someone who had crossed over and they were trying to communicate with me. But how could I find out what?

I really wished I hadn’t been so tired that night, perhaps I could have asked questions and got some answers. I had never had an experience like this before and I felt as though I had missed a great opportunity.  As it turned out, it took another 6 years before I found out what the connection was, and how I was chosen as a channel for healing someone’s life I had never met or heard of before.

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