Creative ways to teach L.A to people with disabilities

Dear Life Alignment colleagues, students and friends

We have discovered some creative ways to teach L.A to people with disabilities.

I would like to thank Arleen who has successfully taught a student in New Zealand and with some of her inputs I was given some ideas on how to support teaching Avinash. He has now successfully completed the Body Spin workshop, despite the fact that he has a severe speech impediment and is a paraplegic.

This was made possible with the dedicated help of Michele, a recent Body Spin student and carer of the aged who offered to assist me with Avinash. I can’t thank you enough Michele, your angelic light shone on Avinash and I could see that every student was touched by this. The workshop progressed without any undue hindrances thanks to you!

In the following paragraph Michele has given full explanation on how this was achieved, but being the humble soul that she is she has referred to herself as ‘the working partner’.

Before the Body Spin course, it was established that Avinash would need to be equipped to work only from a sitting position and have tools for communication. He could hold vortex cards and spin them clockwise and anticlockwise but had limited forward, sideways and upwards movements.

On the course, Avinash had a board on his lap with all his tools on it and his working partner sitting next to him.  Avinash was comfortable with using a pendulum and the Chain Method muscle testing. With the working partner’s arm stretched out straight in front of him, Avinash was able to calibrate his partner for a YES and NO muscle testing response using his hand. The working partner leaned over so that Avinash could place a hand over her head to ask for permission from person’s higher self.

To obtain a priority, Avinash used his pendulum while thinking of each zone and then the numbers within the chosen zone, he felt confident at finding a priority. To test and enter a body point, Avinash used a body point chart with the person’s name under it. As he is not able to put his five fingers together and found it difficult to accurately touch a body point with his fingers, he used the back end of a pencil to touch a 5 finger system, or the pointy end to touch a priority point, thinking with intention that he is touching the person’s body point as instructed. He would also enter the priority tapping twice at the crown using the pencil and intention.

For stacking parts, he would scan the body chart using his pencil and pendulum, place his hand on the chart for each part but stack them into the folder and enter at the crown using a pencil.

For spinning Avinash found it easier to hold 2 pencils with the cards stuck at the end, in that way he was able to easily reach each vortex centre on the enlarged vortex centre body chart in front of him and spin upwards from there. He used the same method for the integration, it worked very well.

The emotion list was scanned by thinking each section and using the pendulum and then finding the number within the selected section.  During the emotion release, Avinash had a little pad for communication. He also had 4 cards showing the steps. When the partner had her eyes closed, he would touch her when he wanted to communicate something to her on paper. It was great to witness his joy when he succeeded to complete a Body Balance.

God Bless you Michele and Avinash



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