I must survive!

Early 2010 my skin erupted as you see in the picture.  My torso was covered in raised red bumps and it was just as severe on the tops of my legs and arms. I also had red patches on one side of my face but it wasn’t related.

After going to the specialist I finally found out it was hives and was given an antibiotic and some cream to apply to my face to clear it up. The medication didn’t work so I returned to the specialist and was given another type of antibiotic. Still the condition didn’t improve so I went to an ayurvedic doctor who put me on a liver cleansing detoxification. My condition persisted for several months whilst trying all the different remedies to no avail.

Finally I realised it must be an emotional stress stored in the body and was lucky that Dr Jeff Levin was presenting a workshop in Durban that I was attending. I showed him my symptoms and I was put on the therapy bed to be balanced. The word survival came up so he asked me ‘what did this mean for me?’ After a few moments of reflection I realized that over the Christmas period I had encountered a huge fright when we almost had a head on collision with another car, both my children were in the car.

Dr Levin worked on an energetic release of the stored memory using the Life Alignment technique. Immediately after my symptoms got worse and I looked like a cooked lobster. The next day my symptoms had disappeared by 70 %. I did a liver and gall bladder flush to complete my detoxification and my symptoms were completely gone 3 days later. I have not had a problem since.

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