Is The Treadmill Of Life Damaging Your Health?


Health psychology plays an important role in our life as to whether we achieve our goals or not.

Lets take a look at exercise routine as an example. It is a well-known fact that more people sign up for the gym than those that actually end up attending gym. Why would this be when you have signed up and paid your money with all good intentions and then you just fail to pitch for your workout a short while later?

Activities of the mind are linked to activities of the body so although many of us would like to strive for a body that can make us feel proud and improve our self-esteem it is not so easy without having harmony of the mind first!

Depression, dejection, worthlessness, emotional isolation and sadness are just some of the emotions that can lead to being a typical comfort eater. With these types of emotions, inertia sets in and it is not possible to motivate oneself into action.

Mood is a measure of your skills as you apply them to life. The better the mood the better your interaction will be with life. Positiveness leads to vigour activity and high energy.

Optimum health needs to be approached holistically for all round success in reaching this goal. It is very rare that health can be improved by not taking into consideration the whole person. So if you are one of those people that fall into the category of failing to pitch for gym here is a tip!

Make a choice to believe in yourself! By doing this you need to listen to your inner talk. If you notice that you are having negative thoughts about yourself then you are on a treadmill that potentially will damage not only your health but also your happiness! Make positive affirmations and get them laminated put them all over the house or your work place. Read the words out loud several times a day until eventually you will have fully integrated them into your life and you will believe what you are saying! Here are some examples:

I can change my shape.

I nourish myself with spiritual food and I am satisfied and free.

I know that I am beautiful.

I can do whatever I put my mind to.

I forgive others. I forgive myself. I am free to love and enjoy life.

Cultivate a more positive outlook about yourself and the benefits will be so rewarding!

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