Quantum magic via a clairaudience experience, part 2

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Over the years that followed this unforgettable clairaudience experience, the only name that came close to match Kate Brian was Byron Katie who is sometimes referred to as Kate Byron.  I did ponder if I was supposed to connect with her work as it identifies and questions the thoughts that cause anger, fear, depression, addiction and violence in the world.  This is closely related to my work as a Life Alignment practitioner and teacher; but I didn’t get a strong urge to check it out further.

During the latter part of 2012 I was working on my computer preparing for a forthcoming trip to Australia to visit my children and run a couple of workshops in Perth and Sydney.  An email came in from a meet – up group that I had joined in Perth and that is when I first came across the name Kate Brain who was a member. It caught my attention immediately so I contacted Kate via email requesting that we connect. At this early stage I didn’t give much information except that I felt I had been guided to contact her.

A couple of days later I had a response which included a link to Kate’s website. I was quite intrigued by this synchronistic connection because I found out that Kate Brain is a facilitator for the work of Dr John Demartini, well known author and one of the world’s leading authorities on human behaviour and personal development.

I attended his Breakthrough workshop in Durban and have a photo of us both on my website. Now I knew that there was a common interest between us I felt more comfortable to divulge a little more about my experience.  I wondered if I would get to meet Kate?

The synchronistic timing of events that led up to our meeting were nothing short of a miracle.

Amazingly Kate and I were running workshops in Perth at the same time, but it looked virtually impossible that we would be able to meet. Kate was arriving in Perth just in time for her workshop and she planned on leaving directly afterwards.  I was arriving from South Africa two days before her workshop, so if we were going to meet it had to be the day after my arrival.

I took a chance and gave her a call the day after I arrived. I told her about my whole clairaudience experience wondering if she would think I was potty. Kate’s response was mind blowing!

‘Where exactly do you live Christine’, she enquired? I described where I lived at the time of having the experience and Kate replied, ‘well I grew up in that area with my family in a house on a sugar cane farm right there’.  The man’s voice that you heard was most probably the house keeper that we employed.  We were very fond of him as he used to play with us as children. I remember he used to push us around in the wheel barrow. In fact he was considered the man of the house as my father was away a lot on business and my mother relied on him for everything that had to be fixed in the house.  My mother was very upset that he couldn’t come to Australia with us.

Kate continued, ‘I felt drawn to see a psychic two weeks before you made contact with me’.  The psychic told me that our faithful and loved house keeper had been brutally murdered but I don’t know when. I couldn’t do any police investigations, as a child I only knew him by his nick name, which we gave him as a term of endearment. I asked her for his nick name and checked through dowsing with my pendulum, whilst she was talking to me. ‘Is this the man that had spoken to me that night?’ My pendulum confirmed a strong yes!

So at long last this is the Kate I was supposed to meet. For Kate my story didn’t seem strange at all as she had been prepared for a deeper understanding through the psychic.  Was this all engineered 6 years prior? Why did he want us to meet? What was the higher purpose?

Both of us were excited to meet for coffee the next afternoon in a lovely little town called Subiaco to discover more.

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