Life Alignment Success Story by Megan Toni Couchman

Life Alignment helped save Megan Couchman’s life. She was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis (MG) at the age of 15 when she could no longer swallow or speak properly and felt constantly weak. She tried all avenues, allopathic and alternative. “It was only when I started Life Alignment, that my life improved dramatically,” said Meg.

Myasthenia gravis (MG) is an auto-immune neuro-muscular disease, where the messages between the nerves and the muscles get blocked. “Once in hospital, the doctors started me on medication straight away. They crushed my tablet and dissolved it in five millilitres of water, which took me three hours to swallow this,” said Meg. “I was in and out of hospital for a year. I’d go home for a while but then I’d deteriorate and end up back in hospital or ICU. It was beginning to feel like my second home. All the nurses knew me by name!”

After a year Meg had improved enough to go home but was still unable to perform simple tasks like dress herself or comb her hair. For eight years she struggled with the disease, while constantly taking chemotherapy. She even had her thymus removed in the first year, which had shown some success in other cases, but unfortunately made no difference to her condition.

She saw many doctors for many years. She was recommended to see a professor at Albert Luthuli Hospital. During one of her monthly checkups, the doctor listed all the medication she could try. She had tried all of them and nothing had helped. The doctor said that there was nothing more they could do for her. “This was very difficult to hear,” said Meg. “I left the room crying. When you’re 21 there’s still so much you want to do. And I had been told by one of the top doctors that I would never be ‘normal’.”

Out of desperation, Meg tried all kinds of alternative therapies but nothing helped. Finally she heard about Life Alignment and went to see Merle Westcott in Hillcrest, near Durban.

“When I went to see Merle I couldn’t speak properly. During the treatment a lot of information came up that I’d forgotten about. My dad had died a month before I was born. I was shocked at all the information my body had stored.”

After the first session, Meg’s speech had improved slightly. “After three months I could feel a major difference. I thought, ‘Wow, this is really working.’ As time went on, the effects would last for longer, and now it just stays.”

Meg said that she has been seeing Merle for a year, and her doctors have noticed a dramatic improvement. “In February the doctors stopped my chemo for the first time in eight years which is the best feeling in the world. They couldn’t believe my improvement,” said Meg.

Meg has turned a corner in her life. “I have started a new job, I have a new boyfriend, and moved into a place of my own. Once a month I see Merle for maintenance, or if I need a boost.”

Meg’s story is a remarkable one but certainly not the only example of how Life Alignment has changed people’s lives. Most people want to study Life Alignment after experiencing the effect it has on their lives. Meg said, “I have done the first Life Alignment course and plan to do more because I have seen firsthand the difference it makes.”


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