Life Alignment – A new healing system for a new era

Jeff Levin created Life Alignment when other health practitioners repeatedly asked him to teach his healing system to them. He had been healing intuitively for many years with great results but the challenge was to find a way to pass on his knowledge.

It all started in 1983 when Jeff finally gave up his architecture practise to start a holistic clinic in Toronto. Together with his wife, Merle, he ran a week detoxification retreat using his intuitive knowledge of healing. “That’s when miracles started to happen,” says Jeff. “I finally healed myself completely from Irritable Bowel Syndrome which I suffered from for many years. Merle completely healed herself of asthma. I realised then that you have to integrate all the levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – for healing to occur.”

They started offering the cleansing retreats to other people and eventually purchased a retreat North of Toronto where they now live. The word got out and people started coming from all over the world and were healed of major diseases. “Many holistic doctors and practitioners asked me to teach them what I was doing because they saw miracles happen. They’d send their patients with cancers, arthritis, and asthma and they got well.”

During a two-day deep meditation, Jeff downloaded different points and procedures which became Body Alignment Module 1. “I didn’t understand the information because it was different from everything else I’d learnt before. When using the technique, I was amazed at how effective and deep it was.”

Every year, Jeff downloaded a new module and today there are five in total. While he was downloading Module 5, Vortex came to him. “A vortex card is really a small magnet that has been molecularly altered to emit a particular quantum field of energy,” says Jeff. Each card emits a different field with a different wavelength for a different purpose. Some cards are used for electromagnetic interference, others for harmonising the home. “We are finding more uses for the cards as time progresses.”

Moving towards 2012, we are undergoing dramatic changes, not just our bodies but also the earth. According to Jeff the Vortex System was created to help us adapt to the changes by strengthening our energy field and immune system.

The essence of Life Alignment is the fact that everything is energy. The cause of all imbalance and disease is found within the subtle anatomy within the energy realm. Your body’s energy field holds information. The technique accesses an inner intelligence or the bio-computer that stores memory. Jeff says, “Life Alignment goes right to the root cause of any imbalance. We identify the story, circuitry, and the energy flow around the imbalance. Then we balance the energy flow while we release the trauma and the charge around the story. Old negative programs are replaced with positive ones that affect all aspects of our lives including the physical body.”

The wonder of Life Alignment is that it is holistic, looking at the total picture of your life. It takes into account that we are interconnected with all life. Life Alignment doesn’t look at a person, as many psychotherapeutic techniques do, as a separate container. It takes all aspects into account, including exposure to electromagnetic radiation, the food we eat, the home we live in, even our work environment. “Only when you work holistically, do miracles start to happen.”

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