Happy island greetings from Mauritius!

November 2012

Happy island greetings from Mauritius!

As I was taking my early morning walk this morning I noticed the air was filled with the delicate fragrance of incense which was the first sign that there was something different about today. My attention was diverted away from gazing at the empty plastic bottles and other plastic debris that is so carelessly tossed out of people’s car windows along the side of the road.

Families were descending upon the beach as early as 7am laden with chairs, picnic baskets and erecting their own little makeshift wind shields with brightly coloured sarongs tied around the casuarinas trees to demarcate their area more than shield from the wind I would guess. Curious to know what was going on I plucked up the courage to ask in my very poor French, ‘What is happening today’? I understood that it was something to do with the ocean and cleansing. Further investigation from a very dear client of mine here in Mauritius is explained in more detail. I hope you find it interesting.

Hindus in Mauritius are ready to celebrate religious festival Ganga Asnan.

The Sanatana Dharma Temples Federation (MSDTF) will celebrate the Ganga Asnan festival on Sunday at the Belle Mare public beach. “Asnan” is the Hindi word for bath.

Literally, Ganga Asnan means a bath in the River Ganges that involves washing, purification and offering of prayers to the rising sun and Goddess Ganga. In Mauritius, Hindus go to the seaside on that special day to have their “purification bath”.

“Ganga Asnan is one of the most important festivals of the Hindu calendar; it is a very sacred moment of a true Hindu’s life. It is one unique moment that every Hindu has the opportunity to wash away his sins and feel his pains and sufferings eased away,”

Today I started work with my first client a referral from Dr G  also a student of L.A who will be attending Module 2 in January. Dr G is an author of many books and he recently told me that he wants to write a small information booklet aimed at Doctors to inform them of the benefits of energy medicine.

If you have friends / family in Mauritius who would be interested in future workshops please invite them to visit my website for more details.



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