Happy ending, for Nougat a stray dog in Mauritius!

As you know I was looking for a home for Nougat that was a stray dog that attached herself to me whilst out walking along the beach one day. I have been looking after her for two weeks and got very fond to her once I got to know her lovely nature. On Friday I went for a swim at the beach and as usual she followed me there and even tried to swim with me because she doesn’t want to leave my side. Unfortunately she got lost over the weekend and was too scared to come home because there are two dogs in the same road where I am staying that have attacked her several times.

I didn’t have time to look for her over the weekend as I was teaching Module 2. This morning I was on a mission to find her. I asked everyone that has seen me walking with her if they have seen her. I asked the guys that clean up the beach every morning, I asked security guards, I asked holiday makers and regular walkers and swimmers that I have encountered since staying here. Some had seen her yesterday, but between 7am & 8am this morning there was no sight of her.

I then decided it was time to use my muscle testing to start asking questions so I could find her as I was now getting quite worried. I really needed to find her urgently because I had met a lovely lady that is holidaying here from Germany and she wants to get the dog quarantined and fly her to Germany.

My muscle testing was telling me that she was only 300 meters away from me. I turned down an ally and ask if she was that way? No! So I decided to go home. Sure as Bobs your uncle, there approx 300 metre away was Nougat, waiting for me as if she was expecting me at the end of my road!

Happy Ending!

P.S  Nougat arrived safely in Germany on the 23rd February 2012 and has settled happily into her new life and environment.

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