Tools For Self-Empowerment

Let’s take a look at our thoughts and really start to notice how much they actually influence our life!

Most of us have experienced at some time or another situations where we are forced to face our fears and beliefs. Recently I unexpectedly had to make a speech that I hadn’t prepared for. As it was getting closer to my turn to be handed the microphone my heartbeat started to pound against my chest. I was in the early stages of witnessing my own fear as I listened to my mind telling me that I wasn’t going to speak as well as some of the others before me. This was my old belief system that was trying to set me up for less than I was worth!

The mind is capable of playing terrible tricks on us according to our belief systems.

Unconsciously we are setting ourselves up for this type of thing all the time!

Reflect for a moment and recall an occasion when you have noticed yourself reacting to a negative emotion or situation. A reaction is when you re-act as apposed to choosing how you would like to act! When we react we are no longer in control of our own emotions.  By giving away our power to another person or situation we have disempowered ourselves.

By recalling a situation mentally you should then be able to connect with the emotion and where you felt it in the body. A thought carries an energy charge, which can be measured. Depending on the thought, either positve or negative, it will have an equal affect on your body.

There are times that our beliefs don’t have a positive influence on our lives but we are not noticing it. When we are in this sub conscious state it becomes almost impossible to know we have a choice to change that belief. It’s also very difficult to know how to change a pattern that now has become part of our personality.

Changing a belief is a process that is complex and it requires patience with oneself.

The body stores memory of the reactions that originated from the mind so it is important to clear out the garbage to make way for positive change.

So what is needed to empower ourselves to move forward?

First you need to have the DESIRE for change. Once the INTENTION is set you then need the TOOLS!

HOLISITC HEALING, which includes Life Alignment and other forms of therapy, is a tool that will increase conscious awareness associated with our thoughts and belief system. This process empowers one to make choices towards positive change.

As our mental thoughts affect the emotions and the emotions affect the body it is important to recognise that all these aspects are intimately interconnected.

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