Life Alignment a Holistic approach to Maintaining a Balanced Life

Do you want to be free of emotional stress, and improve your health and happiness?

Our body is like a computer, storing memories of past trauma, toxicity and suppressed emotions. Negative emotional experiences become subconsciously locked into our body at a cellular level and become part of our biological systems.

Health is influenced by our actions, thoughts and emotions, therefore we need to work through and eradicate the initial cause of illness.

Every emotion we have creates a chemical reaction in our body. These memories cause  blockages in the body’s energy flow.

Life Alignment accesses these memories and the organs affected. The blockages are detected using kinesiology, which is muscle testing, or radionics that is done using the pendulum. There is no massage or manipulation involved.

Once these blockages are located, the energy paths are cleared and the vibrations are lifted using gentle hands on work.

The imbalances are generally initiated in the body’s energy field, before manifesting later in our physical body as pain and disease.  It would therefore be preferable to consider healing as preventative rather than curative.

However, healing is given to any illness, stress or injury as a therapy. It has no side effects and is complementary to other forms of treatment.

The Life Alignment Technique has been known to assist with the following:

  • Structural conditions and pain
  • Brain dyslexia’s, learning difficulties,ADD&ADHD
  • Neurological conditions
  • Hormonal imbalances, infections, chronic fatigue, multiple allergies, immunity
  • Emotional patterns, and many more conditions.

Healing is the result of the love, caring and vibrational chemistry that develops between the practitioner and the healer. These together with the technical competence of the practitioner, provide a safe and conducive atmosphere for the healing to occur.

It is important therefore, that the practitioner be open and centred in loving service.

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