Perth Vortex 1 & Life Map January 2013

Every group that comes together is unique in its expression of what unfolds on a workshop. This group was no exception so I would like to share a couple of affirming and exciting moments with you.

Vortex 1 teaches the function of the Vortex cards which is a tool that we use for healing the body and environment. The first day of this 3 day workshop the students have a chance to witness some demonstrations with the cards and see how powerful they are.

Ingrid, the lady sitting next to me in the front row, with short dark hair, was called up for a vortex healing demonstration. She was physically out of alignment which is determined by measuring various parts of the body.

Ingrid had a very swollen knee which was still healing from her recent operation. It was difficult to get an accurate measurement of the knees due to the huge amount of swelling. However it was most definitely out as well as the rest of the measured parts. After the balance Ingrid returned to her seat with a slight improvement but it was obvious that more work needed to be done.

The next card demonstrated was the pentagon so being the water card I asked Ingrid to place it on her knee which I hoped would help with benefiting the fluid on her knee. After 15 minutes, Ingrid examined her knee and the swelling had completely gone down. Very excited we put Ingrid back on the bed to be measured once more and to everyone’s delight she was now 100% in alignment.

Without a doubt the Life Map which was taught on the last day has left an indelible imprint on everyone’s mind. The life Map was done as a group balance with childhood lack of support being the heart of the matter. As the petals unfolded it became obvious that this was not just a group balance but a universal balance for the brothers and sisters of our planet, mother earth.

They need to heal our pain, control patterns, selfishness, guilt, judgement, blame and lack of responsibility are all part of our family patterns. In a nut shell, we are still working on being compassionate and forgiving, being of service and this works only through being principled and detached from the bull kaka!

We will work with the knowledge of the lost civilizations of the world along with universal energy and our spirit team. We know as collective practitioners we are part of the bigger picture already taking action, and therefore responsibility for what needs to be done within our holistic healing abilities.

Our biggest challenge is ignorance so it’s also our responsibility to share our knowledge with those that are ready to come forth to heal themselves and then be part of the butterfly effect.

Best news ever is that we are not alone in doing this work. We have an invisible team of helping hands.  Maybe difficult to see in the downsized group photo but just take a closer look for a moment. You will see a large orb next to the picture above our heads. In fact my camera showed we were surrounded by many angelic orbs.

Julian, a shaman, was guided to hold two wands one pointing to heaven and the other to earth. He requested we join hands in a circle and gently sway from left to right.  He had tears streaming down his face as he felt the suffering of the whole planet. Others in the group were deeply moved.

The students thought that this was a very powerful workshop. Julian added, ‘it felt like being on a retreat’. ‘For me this feels like a follow through from Jeff’s workshop and it has taken me a step onto another level’.

Julian working with two wands on the life map.

I send my love and gratitude to a great group and to our invisible team of helping hands that were present.


Christine Hardy

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