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The fundamental premise of Life Alignment is that all physicality is created by groups of frequencies vibrating at very high speeds.  This premise is validated at the Smithsonian exhibit in Washington where it is demonstrated that specific laser beams can pass through the human body, and objects, without resistance. Dr Jeff Levin the founder of Life Alignment demonstrates how we can restore imbalances in physicality by balancing or tuning the frequencies that create physicality.  This is as true for our bodies as it is for the land we live on and the space we live in.

Our bodies, the land we live on and the spaces we live in are an integrated system. We are all well aware that deterioration in one part of the system will cause the entire system to deteriorate. What Jeff discovered is that restoration work on the energy field of one’s body might unravel if other parts of the system are out of tune. “In the early nineties I began to realize that the transformational work on people would begin to unravel if they lived on land or in houses that were out of tune. I soon realized that one cannot treat people as if they were insulated from the environment.” This realization led to profound developments in Jeff’s Life Alignment system. “Our genetic bodies and our souls carry the memories of prior lives, and each environment we pass through carries the memory of its own history,” he explains. “We integrate this vast history of the environment and the history of our families and of the people we interact with.  “Not only that,” says Jeff. “We integrate the previous family’s history and the history of the previous family and the previous and the previous.”

Clearly” says Jeff, “Micro systems exist within larger systems. A disturbance in any component will unbalance the entire system. Energy disturbances, for example, from nuclear testing and electromagnetic radiations have changed many lay lines from positive to negative.” If we live on one of these lay lines our own energy fields become disturbed. A prime source of our own imbalances will be emotional. Negative emotions are experienced in our bodies as interruptions to the smooth functioning of our bodies. These negative emotions may have taken hold at any moment in our existence or from any source.  The impact will be different for each of us but the disturbance to our energy systems can be devastating.

The importance of Jeff’s work extends beyond scientific revelations. It lies in his ability to ‘activate’ and teach others to perform the work of discernment and balancing.   The process of Life Alignment is organic and develops year after year. It involves revealing the source of disturbances in the energy fields in and around our bodies and in any part of the system we live in and then neutralizing or ‘balancing’ the disturbances. the  This work can be done with the client in attendance, or at a distance by using a sample of the clients DNA, for example hair or even plans of the clients home or work-place.   We refer to the energy disturbances as blockages.  Because the blockages can be anywhere in the system we work layer by layer on a priority basis.  Generally but not necessarily the process will begin with an individual Life Alignment. A single balance can be life transforming or the client may need a series of balances.  From there it might proceed to a member of the family or to an aspect of the environment in which the client lives.

Often the most profound life transformation is achieved by removing energy disturbances or blockages in one’s home. We refer to this process as Home Alignment. It is done on a plan of one’s house which becomes a representation of our homes, by intention, or by using hair samples.  We establish the heart center and the particular path along which energy flows in the home. We discern blockages to the free flow of energy into the heart and along the energy pathway. Then we neutralize the blockages.  The source of disturbances may be the land or from the homes history, or may be caused by a member of the household. The process will ultimately clear the way for manifesting positive changes in one’s life.

Home Alignment, Business Alignment, and aspects of Life Alignment employ “Vortex Cards” which are essentially small sheet-magnets prepared by Jeff.  The sheet magnets hold in place particular frequencies that are channeled and stored on the magnets by Jeff. “I am a conduit for energy that is coming from another dimension through my hands into the vortex cards. The magnetic plates hold specific frequencies that emit fields of energy connected to the elements of water, fire, earth or air. Specific sheet magnets have been created to transform negative energy patterns into positive frequencies in the body or in the environment.

The sheet magnets or cards as Jeff calls them are also used to balance people and the environment at a distance. Distance healing is profound but does not involve quite the same speed of transformation that we experience from being present and conscious of the process. After balancing one will become more aware of one’s power and we will experience a new sense of flow and harmony in our lives and in our environments. Often family members who were not directly part of the balance will interact more harmoniously – and sometimes there may even be an increase in disharmony as lives and relationship shift and find new equilibrium.

The Home Alignment system is also being extended to bring harmony and balance to businesses, to improve communication and working relationships and to increase health and harmony within the workplace.  Some hospitals have been balanced to remove negative energy forms from the buildings. The process is quantum and will positively impact lives way beyond our immediate intention.

We don’t have to transform huge pieces of the world to make it “a better place”. We have only to transform ourselves.

Allan Price

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