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life one

Date: 24 July 2007



Life is a journey. Joy Sifren-Sher has trekked through some of the most inhospitable recesses of the soul and come out on top. Her story is moving, inspirational and at times unbelievable. After two decades of severe mental illness and failed attempts at traditional therapies, she found Life Alignment. This healing coupled with her unyielding determination, pulled her out of hell and put her firmly back on her feet. If you knew her ten years ago, you would never recognise this bubbly woman with the broad smile and understanding eyes.

Joy’s spiral into depression began when she was 16. She was an insecure teenager who felt completely isolated, unloved and inadequate. During high school she became addicted to laxatives and had her first nervous breakdown at 18. Her first suicide attempt followed shortly after. “I hated myself,” recalls Joy. “I felt like I had no place in this world.”

Joy was diagnosed as suffering from bi-polar depression. She was placed on a slew of anti-depressants, including Lithium, and underwent severe psychotherapy. She spent the majority of her twenties oscillating between periods of intense mania and chronic depression. “I was completely mad,” she confesses. At the height of my manic episodes I felt like I could do anything. I abandoned logic. It was like being on speed. I did some crazy things. I’d stay up all night making music. I took in a destitute bergie because I felt sorry for him. I was spinning between working at the coffee shop I owned and battling with my illness. I really wasn’t coping.”

In 1996 she became involved with a cult, which marketed itself as a place of holistic healing. But as she got sucked deeper into their demagoguery, she began to realise she was surrendering herself to their influence. “I was handing myself over to them,” she reflects. “I was driving up to their farm in Stilbaai every weekend, giving them my money; they were even arranging someone for me to marry. It was crazy.”

In 1997, under this confluence of stressors, something snapped. Joy had a cataclysmic meltdown and landed up in hospital. “I was finished,” she explains. “I couldn’t even coordinate brushing my teeth. The doctors gave me so many meds that they practically switched off my brain. I was like a zombie.”

Once she was out of hospital, Joy went back into psychotherapy, but felt disillusioned with her treatment. “My psychiatrist was playing God,” she explains. “She used to break me down. She wouldn’t even hear about diminishing my dosages. Things went on like this for about five years and I felt that it wasn’t helping.”

Joy’s turning point came in 2002 when she and her husband (who she’d married three years earlier) decided to have a child. In order to conceive, Joy would have to go off her medication. Her psychiatrist painted a bleak picture, saying she might need to abort the child if things went awry, could have a breakdown leagues worse than the last one, and suffer severe post-natal depression. But she braved this prognosis and halted all medication completely; she fell pregnant one month later, but suffered chronic withdrawal symptoms throughout this period.

Joy had spent countlessRandson therapy and medication, but still felt she hadn’t found the salve for her condition. She spoke to her homeopath, who put out word she was seeking help. A Life Alignment practitioner, Tracey Farndell, offered to take her on as a case study. She offered not to charge Joy until she could afford to pay. Joy becomes radiant, and her beaded necklace shines even sharper, as she recalls her first Life Alignment session.

“In the first session I had the most remarkable and unbelievable shifts. In one and a half hours we shifted separation anxiety, 35 years of constipation and unearthed why I felt I didn’t have a place in this world. After that first session my life changed, never to return to the same place.”

“It was the first time I felt like I’d left a therapy session in a better space,” she continues. “LA gets straight to the core of the problem. It goes right to the centre and peels off the surrounding layers in the process, like peeling an onion. The body chooses its own priorities. You’re completely in control and there is no manipulation by the practitioner. You come out feeling empowered.”

Joy was overwhelmed with positivity after this enlightening session. She spent two and half years going to weekly sessions with Tracey. These were instrumental in her healing and helped her deal with further tribulations, including her husband losing his business and attempting suicide. Her eighteen-month-old son also underwent a risky surgical operation to remove a lethal arachnoid cyst discovered in his brain. “I would never have coped if I was still on the medication,” she admits.

This woman, who was once a fragile shell with a tumultuous mental and emotional core, has overcome so much. She admits that she still hits her rough patches, but is now empowered to cope with them and knows exactly how to shift her issues according to Life Alignment principles. She has just qualified as a level two Life Alignment therapist and is a special needs facilitator at St Cyprians, as well as mother to a healthy four-year-old son.

“I have evolved, expanded and grown on so many different levels that I amaze myself at times,” she explains. “I’ve discovered the very core of my being, made peace with my demons and worked through so much stuff. My relationship with my husband has reached many new levels. I am now able to recognize my gifts and give thanks for all my blessings, with a real feeling that I deserve all the good in my life. I also know that whatever challenges come along are ultimately just learning experiences.”

“I wouldn’t change one part of my life,” she says sagely. “It’s made me who I am. I love this girl,” she points to herself and lets out a giggle. “I believe I can do anything.”

Life Alignment is an integrated collection of energy healing systems which include: Body Spin, Body Alignment Technique, Life Purpose Alignment, Vortex Alignment and Home Alignment.  It is a system of vibrational healing that facilitates the release of energetic and emotional blockages from the physical and subtle bodies.  This method of healing can be used as a complimentary holistic healing that aids and facilitates the overall empowerment of the body, mind and spirit.



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