Long Distance Healing

Long distance balancing is very effective for anyone who is unable to be present physically. It is a perfect option for young children who may not lie still for long, for helping family issues, persons hospitalized, in a coma, immobilised or perhaps you are living in a different location. It’s also perfect for balancing your animals. The amount of distance is irrelevant.

There are two ways of approaching this:

  1. Without a person to serve as surrogate
  2. With person to serve as surrogate

In both situations a signature, drawing, hair sample, nail clipping, or photo is required as a way of connecting to the person. This can be scanned and Emailed or sent by mail. The preferred option if I have not worked with you before is to send the original handwriting or picture via post.


A healing can only ever take place when permission is granted from the person’s higher self. This does not mean a verbal agreement but rather an energetic agreement.


  1. Person may not be willing to make changes
  2. Karma
  3. The person requesting to have the healing may not be the person involved.

Distant healings are treated in the same manner as if the person was present except another person or a body chart is used in place of their body.

Fee includes the option of:

  1. Report sent via email
  2. Skype or Zoom video consultation 30 mins
Distant Healing Session: Duration 1 Hour
Local ZAR 1,400.00 International USD 180.00
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