Life Alignment and Reiki Private Session.

Our body is like a computer, storing memories of past trauma, toxicity & suppressed emotions. Negative emotional experiences become subconsciously locked into our body at a cellular level & become part of our biological systems.

Health is influenced by our actions, thoughts & emotions, therefore we need to work through & eradicate the indicate cause. Healing improves all levels of a persons being, emotionally, mentally & spiritually.

Healing is given to any illness, stress or injury as a therapy. It has no side effects & is complementary to other forms of treatment.

Life Alignment Technique & Vortex Alignment
Life Alignment & Vortex Alignment are vibrational healing techniques, which facilitates the free flow of energy. Blockages are detected & released, leaving you feeling empowered & whole. There is no massage or manipulation involved.

Some conditions balanced by Body Alignment & Vortex Alignment:
• Structural conditions & pain
• Brain dyslexia’s, learning difficulties, ADD & ADHD
• Neurological conditions
• Hormonal imbalances, infections, chronic fatigue, multiple allergies, immunity
• Emotional patterns, & many more conditions

Surrogate Healing can be performed on request.

Energy Healing & Reiki
This is a hands-on healing that flows energy through the chakras & aura. Removing negative energy allows the life force to flow in a healthy way. It incorporates the following:

• Aura Cleansing
This assists with clearing congestion, arthritis, pain, headaches, burns, stress, body temperature, nausea, stomach upsets, shock, anxiety & soothing babies.

• Chakra Balancing
The endocrine system represents the major chakras within our body. Energy is transmitted to vitalise, energise & nourish the endocrine & nervous system that each chakra is
associated with. Each chakra also relates to a specific psychological function encouraging different aspects of self-consciousness.

• Chelation Therapy
Balances & harmonises major & minor chakras.

• Meridian Therapy (Qi)
The body’s life-activating internal energy, flows through 12 channels known as the meridians. These link related organs & body parts. When they become blocked, energy imbalances result which can cause disease.

Fees: ZAR 1,400.00 Duration 1.5 hrs

Follow up session ZAR 1000.00

International Remote sessions $180

Gift Vouchers available.

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