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Sometime in December 2011 I met Christine Hardy  who invited  me to come for a Life Alignment  session- “ just to show you what I can do”.

So  a few days later I  was lying on the couch for a “rebalancing session” and was impressed with the precise detective work, and the “ issue in the tissue “ approach.

I left her ,quite impressed with the laser sharp focus, and went  about my activities as usual –without however noticing any difference in my wellness level.

However late at night, I suddenly realized that I had been  squatting and bending down   a few times without the severe left knee pain that did not leave  me for the past 3 years  and which had become part of my life !!!

The pain had dissolved completely, and no matter what position I took- it was gone, and showed no sign of recurrence in the days and weeks that followed this single session.

And I had not mentioned this at all to Christine  during our session !!

This episode convinced me that Jeff’s method is really about realigning our body and life on all levels!!!

Without us having to be aware of each and every  malfunction in our body !!

Dr S M


22 Feb 2012

This 15th Nov 2010

To whom it may concern

Dear Sir/Madam,

Mrs C.Hardy is a qualified “Life Alignment” Practitioner and Teacher working with Bio-Energy.

Obviously we’ll question the relevance and possible contribution of her work for our individual and collective needs. I have attended a course given by Mrs C.Hardy and I have referred some patients to receive treatment in private sessions from her. From my own observation and experience and the feedback I got from my patients I am convinced about the effectiveness of Bio-energetic medicine.

This healing technique complementary to our established medical services brings a speedy relief to our diseased patients, and it even proves to be an excellent tool in preventive medicine. Its fundamental healing principle is based on a systematic balancing of the body energy. This concept is new to the Mauritian population. We are grateful that Mrs C.Hardy is so kind to enable us access to this new healing technique.

I strongly recommend Mrs C.Hardy to offer her precious services to the Mauritian population.

Sincerely yours,

Dr H.Gyaram
39 S.Mosque St, Rose Hill.
Tel: 464 3141.  Email:
Director: Dr H.Gyaram



Dr Andrew Powell (Chiropractor)

Learning Life Alignment so far has been a fantastic journey. Its great to learn a new technique and clear a bunch of your own “stuff” at the same time. The course was clearly explained and there was lots of opportunity for hands on practice.



Dominique Turner (kinesiologist)

Great flow of teaching & practicing. Excellent, very enjoyable.


Durban South Africa August 2019

I really enjoyed the Life Alignment foundation course with Christine. The past 2 days have been quite a journey- its been exhilarating and an intriguing experience. the resources and way Christine managed the material was impressive. Her approach to us receiving and applying the techniques was in no way overwhelming.

My sincere gratitude to a compassionate and honest energy healer.

Jennifer (Teacher)


August 2019

I choose to do the Life Alignment course to add to my skills as a young medical Doctor. After learning the course I can honestly say I made the right decision investing in this process. Its truly a transformational healing system of the body, mind and heart.

I wish to express my gratitude to Christine Hardy- my exceptional teacher and Dr Jeff Levin for sharing this with the world.


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