Remote Healing Testimonials

Initially I was undecided about having a remote session as apposed to seeing Christine in person at her practice. However, lockdown did not give me much choice, so I decided to give it a try. I lay down and relaxed at home whilst Christine was doing the balance. Afterwards we connected on WhatsApp and discussed what was identified and balanced. Christine was correct in her findings and interpretation of the balance. I am now more confident to do another remote session.

April 2020, Durban South Africa

A few weeks ago, I asked Spirit to heal the temper problems I have always had, having tried various ways to control outbursts, and this over many years. This was a last resort which I had never thought to ask for....a pure and simple healing, due to the fact that absolutely nothing was working and I wanted urgently to rid this burden from my personality. So the sequence of events which led me to you, and now the sessions, are the healing I asked for. And the answer came very quickly. I wanted to let you know, firstly to thank you hugely for your part, and also to acknowledge how we can be healed, if we just ask, and believe it will happen. You are releasing tension and tautness throughout my body and emotions...not comfortable of course, but necessary. Yesterday I was able to walk along the Umhlanga Promenade right to the one end and back, something I haven't done for years....I no longer had the energy...but after the time with you, I was aware of energy and a will to be in that wild wind and breathe freely, with exhilaration.
Thank you for your part in this. You really are doing appointed work and all for the good of humanity.

April 2020, Durban South Africa
Maggie Reynolds

Through Christine, I have had the honour and privilege of being introduced to the sheer wonder and magnificence of Life Alignment on a one on one basis, as well as through distance healing.
As I live in the Eastern Cape and Christine practices out of Durban, scheduling one on one sessions is practically impossible. That being said, Life Alignment offers Distance Healing which is just as amazing and beneficial as a one on one session.
My recent remote session with Christine has forever changed my life and how I view energy healing, Life Alignment and life in general. At the behest of my sister, after six weeks of suffering with migraines, slurred speech, weakness, fatigue and dizziness I had a remote session with Christine. The results were phenomenal and instantaneous.
I had been suffering with high levels of heavy metals.
To have experienced a total clearing of heavy metals from one’s system without side effects and without having to be physically present, is nothing short of miraculous.
Once you have experienced the effectiveness of remote healing it gives you an enhanced appreciation of just what energy medicine is all about. You gain the pure understanding that energy can move from one end of the earth to the other end in the blink of an eye through just pure intentionality. I am truly grateful to have learnt this lesson, for not only did it facilitate my physical healing but my spiritual healing and growth as well.

Lusikisiki, Mauritius
Melanie Ball

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Group Healing Testimonials

After the remote balance which focused on keywords "losing face", "superficial", and "fortunate" all in the area of financial freedom, I realized that I was blocking my own manifestation of financial freedom. By not openly acknowledging my stresses and feelings to my husband (I felt I was supporting him by hiding my worries), I was not feeling what needed to be felt. After the balance and before the group discussion I opened up to him, we cleared the air and felt hopeful and positive again, and the next day 4 possible opportunities arose which would change our situation for the better 🙂 I really appreciate having the opportunity to be part of the balance and truly felt the benefits in the weeks to follow.

May 2020 - Durban, South Africa
B van der Walt

Thank you Christine and everyone present at the zoom session this morning. The session was insightful, pertinent to what we are going through personally, healing and liberating. Take care and be safe

May 2020

Thank you Christine!

I can't believe the incredible introspection/ transformation/ journey these sessions are taking me on.

May 2020

Image is not available

Christine, your parting words were so important... We must be mindful of our state to make sure that we are contributing positively to the collective. I lose sight of that quite often. Thank you for the reminder.

This will be my focus going forward

May 2020

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Workshop Testimonials

Workshop Testimonial Foundation Entry Level.
The workshop was great, our teacher was more than exceptional and went out of her way to demonstrate. The workshop was also very informative and I learned a lot more about healing. I also got a clearer vision of my own purpose.

Oct 2019
Siasha Sigamoney

Before attending the course I had experienced Life Alignment sessions, however I didn't believe I would have the "ABILITY" to do it myself! I didn't have any special gifts or prior knowledge. I was amazed at how easily and confidently I was able to use my pendulum. By the end of the course I feel like I can heal and help people. What came up in my healing resonated with me as it is a pattern.

Oct 2019

I did the entry level of Life Alignment almost a year ago but due to personal circumstances I was unable to complete not even one case study. I was a bit nervous to continue to the next module in case I forgot everything Christine had taught me before. However after a quick revision and an excellent teacher I managed to pick up Module 1 with ease. During the workshop we practice on each other and Christine does demonstrations which means apart from learning we also get to receive healing. I had an emotional release balance and was relieved of pain immediately. I have just completed my first case study and so excited about the positive response I had from my Guinea pig friend who says she is feeling so much lighter.

Nov 2018, Matatiele Eastern Cape S.A
Marseilla Chetty

I've had the pleasure of both having Christine as my teacher and receiving Life Alignment treatment from her. Drawing from many years of experience in the field and from her own inner work, she skilfully navigates you into your higher potential. Whether you are looking at receiving a Life Alignment treatment from Christine or delving into Life Alignment yourself with Christine as your teacher - you are surely in for a transformational experience on many levels.

April 2018, Durban, South Africa

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One-on-One Testimonials

Whilst on safari on game reserve in Zululand I experienced what seemed like a trapped nerve in my leg which was causing me pain and discomfort in my upper leg and lower back. At the same time I was suffering with a tooth ache. The medication that we had available just wasn’t working to give relief, as a result I started to feel very ill. This was my first time visiting South Africa and a game reserve so I was very disappointed that I had to stay in bed missing one of the game drives.
Christine became aware of my absence as we were on the same game drive the previous afternoon. When she realised I was ill she kindly offered me an energy healing balance. I had never heard of this before so Christine explained to me what she was going to do and how it works. It sounding quite intriguing so I thought I would have nothing to lose by giving it a try.
Christine traced the root cause of an emotional imbalance to October 2014. The words mystic and guilt became a prominent aspect for that time frame for me to consider.
That year my daughter had fought against a severe illness and had many hospital stays for lengthy periods of time totalling 6 months. The Drs never were able to diagnose her problem.
I felt so powerless to help my daughter so was very upset, especially when she needed me the most I felt I had nothing to offer to support her. I felt weak and so guilty. She has had reoccurring illness since then and lost a child during pregnancy last year. I felt so helpless!
Christine helped me realise my daughter and I had created barriers to cope with past family stresses. Christine also helped me realise we didn’t respect or love ourselves enough to make ourselves a priority. Self- sabotage and illness was the body and minds way of reacting. This was quite a revelation for me and also quite emotional to go through the memory of it.
Now I know we can protect ourselves and help our bodies to recover before they break down. Next time should something happen where I find myself emotionally upset or in a helpless situation I will call on Christine from wherever I am knowing that she can assist me at any distance. I know that this healing is just as effectively from a distance because of what happened to my daughter afterwards.
I spoke to my daughter the day after the healing to find out how she was feeling. This was because Christine told me the healing would also benefit my daughter. My daughter told me that she had been feeling very ill but she was OK now. I asked her when she started to feel better and it was at exactly the same time Christine was doing the healing. I told my daughter about the healing but she just laughed it off as she thought I was joking.
Remarkably I have not experienced any ailments in the last 3 weeks since being back home.
I am now going to spend more time with my daughter. She lives a long way from me but we talk more often and I know we can live happy and satisfying lives. In particular I have decided to lead a healthier life style and hope my daughter will learn from my example.
Thank you so much Christine. You are amazing and I am forever grateful for providing me with the tools to implement a change of lifestyle.

April 2016, UK
Andy Chadburn

I would like to share my first healing and body alignment session with Christine which was almost 10 years ago as it has changed my life. Christine did not know anything about me so I was amazed when she discovered a major devastating event in my past which had impacted me emotionally. I was absolutely amazed by the fact that Christine could pick up on my emotions and subconscious thoughts just by sensing my energy fields or aura.
During my first session Christine talked me through her process and made me feel comfortable and relaxed right from the start of the session, which was very encouraging. I had not mentioned to Christine that I had had a traumatic motorbike accident in 1999. I had been severely injured (my scars were not visible either as I was wearing long pants).
Christine picked up from my energy field through muscle testing that I had been involved in a traumatic event; she pin pointed the day, month and year that this happened and she could tell that I had injured the right side of my body, quite badly. I found this fascinating and it completely strengthened my belief on how ones energy can actually tell a story. What I learnt was that behind these energy fields are emotions that are stored in our body as memory. Being an unpleasant memory it was having an extremely emotional impact on me.
Christine helped me unlock these emotions and the main one from that session was “Forgiveness”!
I had not forgiven myself for that accident and I had not moved on; once this was brought to my attention, Christine helped me work through self forgiveness and I have felt incredible ever since.
I consider myself lucky because I am a positive person and I do believe that things happen for a reason but after that first healing with Christine, my positive thinking was strengthened even further.
I now live in Perth and I still have the privilege of having one-on-one sessions with Christine when she comes to Australia. Christine is extremely in tune with what she does and she goes above and beyond for her clients, more so than any other practitioner that I have worked with.
I highly recommend Christine Hardy!

March 2014, Perth, Australia
Delwyn Hook

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