Pendulum Dowsing Workshop

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Raise your conscious awareness and enhance your intuition by learning how to use a pendulum by going beyond the normal 5 senses!

This exciting new workshop welcomes all people with an open mind, who wish to be empowered to make decisions and choices that can at times be difficult.


The pendulum can be used for anything that has the intention to do serve us well.

As a healer I use the pendulum for healing and for detecting energy imbalances in the energy field. However dowsing with a pendulum has many other uses and in the workshop you will use a technique that will enable you to do any of the following:


  • Find out what foodstuffs are healthy or unhealthy for you.
  • Discover what your allergies or sensitivities you have.
    Determine which remedy or natural health products will be most beneficial for you. Nutritional food supplements, Homeopathic, Bach Flower, Medication, vitamins?
  • How much do I need to take and for how long?
  • Find root cause of illness.
  • Balancing chakras.
  • What colour should I wear to enhance my energy field today?
  • Find missing objects.
  • Dowse to see if your home is safe from electromagnetic and geopathic stress.
  • Help other people, yourself and your pets.
  • Raise the frequency of your food, water and wine, to make it more compatible with your body.


  • How to programme your pendulum.
  • Ask permission.
  • How to ask questions.
  • How to protect yourself to prevent draining of energy.
  • Chart dowsing.  (Analysis & Treatment)
  • Use of pie chart. 
  • Workshop Fee: ZAR 950

Pendulum: Optional ZAR 520.00. The course fee does not include your pendulum. You may bring your own or order this protected wooden Vortex pendulum. 
(Advanced notice required to place order)

Venue: La Lucia Ridge Durban
Bring your own lunch


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