What will your eyes reveal in an Iris balance!

The eye is believed to be the mirror of the soul. In Iridology, it is understood that the fibers of the iris correspond to a related part of the body, according to the position in the iris. The structure of the eye reveals the genetic composition of the body, indicating genetic strengths and weaknesses. Iris balancing will indentify which weak links require balancing.

Using the Rayid methodology we also investigate the characteristics of the four primary Iris structural types which represent different aspects of the personality and what their characteristics are.

  1. Flower Iris is an emotional type personality.
  2. Shaker Iris is an extremist type personality
  3. Stream Iris is an kinesthetic type personality
  4. Jewel Iris is a mental type personality.

You may have a combination of the different personality types, or you may have one that dominates. It is very useful to understand our personality type as it shows us how and why we are a certain way in our relationship to self and others. Your personality will reflect your attitudes both conscious and subconscious and reveal why you may react to certain life stories.

Integrating Iris balancing with the Life Alignment technique, a story will be identified that will represent a stressed area of your life. This will help you to shift your perspective and raise your conscious awareness in a way that could be suppressing your relationship with yourself and others.

The balance will help you to choose to move more freely from one way of being to another as well as balancing physical characteristics that reflect your present and future health.

Initial consultation 1.5 hrs  ZAR R1500

consultation 1 hr   ZAR 1000

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