Life Alignment Remote Mini Session




A mini session takes approximately 30 mins and sessions are hosted virtually over Skype, Zoom or your preferred online platform.

We will ascertain what your intention is for the session prior. Permission to balance what you wish to address will be balanced only if it is a priority that your higher self is ready to work with. If not, its possible that something else may need to take priority that you are not consciously aware of. Healing works in layers and by priority for that session. A mini balance will identify and balance one priority and associate it with a root cause and time frame.

Some issues that may arise could include;

Structural conditions and pain
Brain dyslexia’s, learning difficulties, ADD & ADHD
Neurological conditions
Hormonal imbalances, infections, chronic fatigue, multiple allergies, immunity
Emotional patterns, and many more conditions.
Healing is the result of the love, caring and vibrational chemistry that develops between the practitioner and the healer. These together with the technical competence of the practitioner, provide a safe and conducive atmosphere for the healing to occur.

It is important therefore, that the practitioner be open and centered in loving service.

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