Life Purpose Alignment

What area of your life could be blocking you from reconnecting to your soul’s true purpose?

LIFE PURPOSE Alignment will identify the blocks that have steered you away from manifesting the qualities required to open a pathway to what your heart desires.

In order to fully integrate this process in the different aspects of your life it’s recommended to have several consecutive sessions. Life purpose will guide you and open a pathway to manifest your goals and aspirations in connection with any problematic areas.

The negative memory or emotional  pattern held in the body will be identified through using a form of applied kinesiology / dowsing.  You will be empowered and directed how to move forward and align with your higher purpose in life.

  • Spiritual development
  • Family
  • Health
  • Social
  • Community
  • Recreation
  • Children
  • Friends
  • Career
  • Culture
  • Religion
  • Entertainment
  • Environment

Initial consultation 1.5 hrs  ZAR 1500.00

Consultation 1 hr   ZAR 1000.00

Long Distance International: $180 Inclusive of 1.5 hrs healing per session, report and Skype or Zoom Video consultation 20 – 30 mins.


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